The Best Places to Purchase PS5 with Discount

Playstation 5


Being a game-addict and not going outside in this pandemic to play games at the arcades is the worst thing ever. But it is even worse not to have a good console to play video games at home. There are so many gaming consoles in the market, both good and bad that it is really hard to find one which is perfect for you. To solve the problem of finding a compatible gaming console, Sony has brought the PS5, one of the best 2020 editions of gaming consoles which is suitable for all. Now, the question of where to find it arises. In this informative article, we have talked about some of the best places to get one of the best gaming consoles, PS5, right now.

What PS5 gaming console is

PS5 is the new version of the gaming console in the same series as the 2019 console model, the PS4 of Sony Entertainment. It was first released on 12th November of 2020 in 6 countries, South Korea, Japan, North America, New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia, followed by the worldwide release in the next month. Even before the actual release, the model had become one of the bestselling gaming consoles in the US.

The model, being one of the best 9th generation video gaming consoles, comes with a high-speed data streaming solid-state drive, larger storage, an AMD GPU with a 4k resolution display capable of displaying 120 frames per second, ray-tracing lighting, 3-D audio effects, backward compatibility, and haptic feedback.

Type of PS5 consoles

Two types of PS5 gaming consoles are available in the market as of now: PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. Both are very similar and have almost the same features. The only difference is that the PS5 consoles have a 4k UHD Blu-Ray Optical Drive feature, which the digital edition of PS5 does not possess. The price of the PS5, which is $500, is nearly $100 more costly than the $400 price of the PS5 Digital Edition.

Best places to buy PS5 consoles

We have listed down a few places below to help in your search for the best gaming consoles of 2020, PS5.


With the largest number of buyers and sellers, Amazon has a very big stock of the PS5 gaming consoles. The super-fast delivery, customer service, years of experience, and trust have made Amazon one of the best online stores to buy from. You can also get discounts in festive seasons and various offers. You will also get a certain time to exchange or replace the order.

Best Buy

One of the best online retail stores in the US, Best Buy also keeps the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition in stock. The store also offers discounts and some other accessories of the PS5 series with the gaming console.


As one of the dedicated online gaming equipment stores of the US and home to all the bestselling gaming consoles in the US, GameStop has almost everything you may need in the video gaming market, including the PS5 version. You will also get the extra accessories of the PS5 series at the best price with the concerned gaming console type.


Another US-based online store for gaming devices is Target. It offers one of the best 9th generation video gaming consoles, PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition gaming consoles, at the original price of $500 and $400, respectively.


Being one of the oldest and trustworthy online stores in the US, Walmart also brings the said gaming consoles at the retail market price of $500 and $400. The store also offers a large stock and exchange system for the purchased product.


If you want one immediately and cannot wait a few weeks to have a PS5 in your hands, eBay is the best option for you. Though the cost of the PS5 consoles is nearly $800, which is higher than the retail price of $400 at other stores, the delivery speed, packaging, and customer service offered here are also the best.


An eBay-alternative at a little bit of a lower price than eBay’s is the StockX. Here you will get one for $700 as of the latest, which may change with time. Though the service is not so fast as that eBay due to their fewer experiences and spent-time in the market, it is faster compared to other online retail stores. If you want to spend a few hundred more dollars to get your hands on the console right now, you can always go for this store.


Sony PS5, one of the best 2020 editions of gaming consoles, is a very popular gaming console nowadays for all the excellent features available here. Though the price is a bit on the costlier side, the unique design, storage architecture, Dual-Sense controller, superior hardware, and software technologies have made the console worth the purchase.

But always beware of the fraud online stores to not to choose a fake one. Read the article carefully and buy from the stores mention above to get a real one with the most benefits.