The 3 Simplest Ways to Tie A Tie

In today's modern life, tie a tie is probably too familiar for men. But not everyone knows how to tie a nice men's tie.

Men's tie is considered an indispensable accessory when wearing a veston.

In addition to making you more elegant in the eyes of the opponent, it also functions to help keep the larynx warm and increase confidence in the outfit.

In this article, couponupto will share with you the 3 simplest tie-ups, creating impressive meetings and gatherings: Four in hand, Windsor, Half Windsor.

Four in hand

The 3 simplest tie-ups - Four in hand

If you are not good at hand, "Four in Hand" is the simplest way any gentleman can learn.

Not only is it popular for its simplicity, but also one of the fastest.

The characteristic of this tightening method is the small, tight and asymmetrical knot.

This style is suitable for collars with standard buttons, and ties made of thick material.

Place the tie around the neck, then set the appropriate length for the tie, each with a different length, when aligning the width, the front side of the tie should always be long. the tail is narrower than the rear.

The next step is to cross the wide part on the narrow part, thread the wide part downwards and then round up into a ring.

Continue to thread the wide section down and then up between the two neck ropes. Extend the ring in front and then add the width of the tie in this ring.

Finally tighten the knot by holding the small part of the string below and slide the knot along the wool above, bend the collar down and you're ready to conquer the world.


3 simplest tie-up - windsor

This is one of the classic men's ties, popular from the 1930s, with a large, matching wide collar, suitable for job interviews and presentations.

Raise the collar and button the top button. Wrap the tie around the collar so that the main seam is on the inside.

The wider band should be on the same side as your dominant hand.

There is a seam on the front side of the narrow cord section, squeeze the wide piece of string over this seam so that, when finished, the tie will be exactly the same length and as long as your waistline.

Loop the upper string into the necklace to form the right knot. Then drag it to the right then slide it down and squeeze to the left.

Continue to loop this piece of string into the necklace forming the left knot, then pull back to the right.

Tie the rope right above the knot, fling left. Then, thread it downwards and then loop in the center ring around the neck.

Finally, thread this thread through the top knot. Tighten the knot with one hand push the knot upwards, while the other hand pulls the narrow inner bandage down.

Adjust the men's tie so that it is aligned with the collar.

When removing a tie, simply pull the narrow strip out of the knot. Then, loosen the knots before pulling them out to avoid damaging the fabric.

Half â€‹â€‹Windsor

3 simplest tie-up - Half windsor

This is a way to tie a symmetrical triangle, suitable for shirts, thin and medium fabric ties.

This is a minimalized Windsor knot, with a symmetrical triangular knot, suitable for tops, thin and medium fabric ties.

You will also need to lift the collar first and close the top button.

The process of wrapping the upper string into the necklace creates the right knot, then pulls it to the right and then goes down and squeezes to the left, just like Windsor.

Then, squeeze the long rope upwards through the knot to the right. Then pull it up on the collar to surround all the buttons.

Finally, pull down through the center of the knot. Tighten the knot by holding the end of the inner narrow band and knot, and then slide the knot.

Adjust the tie balance with the collar. How to remove a men's tie as well as a Windsor style.

Above are the 3 simplest ways to tie a tie that we synthesize. Hope it will save you more time with your tie.

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