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32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player Review: Is It Worth to Buy?

Are you looking for the greatest little portable device that you can use every day to listen to music while you exercise, relax at home, or work? Nowadays, there are many types of music players on the market that have features that quickly respond to human needs as well as update new trends in the modern world. One of the products that is highly appreciated today is 32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player - not from the big tech giants, but this seems to be a versatile and high-quality device for many people. Let's find out with CouponUpto what are the outstanding features and customer reviews in the following 32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player Review!

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32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player

About Mechen Store

32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player was developed by Mechen - a brand from China specializing in smart devices such as music players, voice recorders, headphones, etc. With thorough research, and a mission to bring useful and functional products suitable for all ages, Mechen focuses mainly on the design and manufacture of quality MP3 players for all ages.

32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player Features Review

The following will be the features of 32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player that CouponUpto will summarize for you to better understand before deciding to buy.

Compact design

2.4" full touch capacitive screen enables you to surf and choose the song you like immediately. This design is very smooth and responsive to use easily. Beside, you can bring this device to everywhere, everywhen you work, do exercise or relax because it is small enough and convenient.

Large Capacity 

Up to 8000 songs can be stored in the internal 32GB memory. Additionally, the micro SD card port allows you to increase the external memory to 128GB. You do not have to get concerns about memory limitations and can store every favorite melody to improve your mood daily.

Bluetooth 5.0

This MP3 player's integrated Bluetooth 5.0 and excellent AAC audio decoding not only provide a longer and faster connection but also improve connection stability. longer battery life and less consumption. This MP3 player only functions as a transmitter; thus, please pair it with Bluetooth speakers or earphones rather than a phone or computer.

High-quality sound

This MP3 player has greater audio resolution thanks to the MSONV Super HiFi audio technology and a specialized clever digital noise reduction chip, giving you a sensitive and rich aural experience.

Multi-functioning in one device

Firstly, this 32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player has the Line-in Recording. With the use of this feature, you may easily and affordably capture lossless music files from various audio sources, such as mobile phones, in exactly the same playing quality.

Next, there are numerous features, such as music, FM radio, recording, video, pictures, stopwatches, alarms, calendars, and built-in speakers. MP3, WAV, APE, WMA, FLAC, and AAC-LC are all audio formats that are supported. 

Long Battery life and type

This device has strong battery to use in a long time. However, this products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling.

MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player

32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player Customer Review

Besides the versatile and powerful functions of this MP3, we also list real and objective reviews from customers who have used the product on reputable sources:

“I have a few of these smaller mo3 players because I prefer not to fool around with itunes. This one in particular made a lasting impression. Very functional, plays aloud from the speaker in it (not very good quality but is playable if all else fails), stays connected to Bluetooth without much interference, and my favorite part was the little blue silicone case that came with it!” - Rico Truss.

“Overall, this mp3 is pretty good for what you pay for. I bought it particularly for the aux input recording, so I don't have to worry about downloading files like I did during the iTunes era. That said, this mp3 only supports recording audio in mp3 and wav file formats, which may be a dealbreaker for those looking for higher quality audio. However, I only intend to use it for listening to audio in the foreign language I'm studying, so audio quality isn't necessarily a concern. I will say though, the software is relatively lacking and the display is only about 720p. So if you're looking for something with less versatility, but better software quality, you'd be better off buying a used iPod on ebay.” - Cody Reese.

“I connect it to my Bluetooth headset while at the shooting range...It is a really awesome addition to my range bag...My wife downloaded 1500 songs onto it right out of the box.

Totally worth the money !!! I highly recommend it for you music lovers...It also plays videos. I doubt that I will ever use it, however, it's still pretty cool to have…” - Christopher L.

“I thought this product came with the micro sd card so I contacted them which they reply in a day and realize that I misread the info but they were kind with their reply.


This isn’t bad with what it’s priced at. Just wished you can scroll down than to keep pressing my the arrow touch screen to go down and able to put the radio on speaker than headphones but overall it’s a good product with its price.” - FellowAmz024

Thus, this is a product of good quality and multi-features, and consumers have positive feedback and have happy experiences with it.

32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player FAQs

1. I need a mp3 touch screen player that can support up to 512 gb sd card. I want it to be able to shuffle songs and locate artist or album.

Yes, the description makes that clear: allow for up to 128GB.

2. Is it possible to listen to the radio on this device without buying a different device?

This MP3 player supports the use of an antenna for demand allocation and sound gathering.

3. Can you add pre-recorded playlists to your media player or windows explorer?

You can access the folders and content of the three playlists that are the default device, but you cannot add new playlists or modify their names.

4. Does this device stop playing after a set amount of time or in the middle of a song?

The device will indeed have a memory playback feature. Stop or pause the machine when you are playing a song. The last playback can be found in the music when you turn on the machine, and you can keep playing.

5. Do i need any special computer software for the music downloading process?

The song must be downloaded to your PC. Then, after prompting the removable drive and copying or dragging the music you downloaded on the computer to the MP3 player's removable disk, connect the MP3 player to the computer using the data cable.


So, you have just had a deeper look into 32GB MP3 Player, MECHEN Portable Digital Music Player. Through this devices, customers can experience a lot of functions to chill with your favorite music and joyful time. With the affordable price, this player is doing a good job and brings you a lot of benefits. So, don't hesitate to buy it yourself if you are looking for a stable music player as a close friend in your life.

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