Manual for Beginner When Buying Bicycles

For newcomers planning to join cycling, choosing a suitable bike is not easy. So what are the criteria when you buy a bike? Refer to the following if you are intending to buy a new bike.

1. Be aware of kinds of bike

Mountain Bike (MTB)

If you are a cyclist, or simply prefer styled sized bikes, terrain bikes will be the choice for you. Mountain bicycles have a set of thicker, thicker wheels with a lot of interlocking spikes that help to overcome rough obstacles. However, mountain bikes are often heavier, so it takes more effort to cycle.

Road Bike (Road)

Unlike the street bike and mountain bike, road bicycles generally focus on speed, suitable for those who love the feeling of surfing at high speed. However, most road cars have a pair of unendurable wheels so that the case of tire wear or tear is very likely, so you should carry spare wheels and guts when cycling. Besides, you must be very careful when cycling roads because they are very easy to slip when wet surface conditions.

Street Bike

2. Determine the purpose when buying your bicycle

3. Determining the material frame

Framing greatly affects the performance of a vehicle. At present, the material used to produce bicycle frames is mostly Aluminum, Steel, and Carbon.

Aluminum Chassis

Aluminum structures are quite popular in the bicycle industry because they are not only lightweight, quite sturdy but also easy to weld. Currently, there are many famous bicycle brands that always optimize aluminum welding technology.

Steel Chassis

Steel - Has long been a favored material since the 1980s, although it is a bit heavier than aluminum and carbon, it is still a good choice, offering a more compact and more solid feel.

Carbon Chassis

The carbon frame has been widely applied to the road bike. By not only interwoven structure super durable but also extremely flexible, light and strong. They focus most on performance and serve the purpose of professional cycling.

4. Choose a suitable bike size

5. Be aware of Groupset

6. Choose a suitable wheel

The next important point that newcomers need to note is the wheels and tires. The weight of the wheels (rims) greatly affects the operation of the road, heavyweight wheels help to stabilize, compact and grip the road, but the lightweight wheels, such as carbon will make it more flexible, faster and smoother. In addition, the most advanced wheels are now made of carbon and aerodynamically designed, to maximize the speed for professional drivers.

7. Choose your brake

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes come in two versions, including the hydraulic disc brake version, which makes the braking force stronger with less finger mechanical movement (brake squeeze), and they adjust themselves when the brake pads are worn down and the brake versions Cable (mechanical) operation requires manual adjustment when the gasket is worn. The most outstanding advantage over Rim brakes is that it is more stable in all weather conditions or terrain surfaces, easy to replace and does not depend on wheel size.

Rim brakes

Rim brakes have gaskets attached to the rim of the wheel. Typically, some materials are preferred to create rim brakes such as rubber, leather... The biggest advantage of the main brake is compact and easy to change, but the main disadvantage is that it is easy to wear gaskets and often more frequently changing disc brakes.

8. Budget selection for your bike

Currently, there are many different prices based on the needs, the materials used, as well as the configuration of the whole vehicle. High-end bike models are now divided by vehicle model, and each model will have a different level of design and performance. Material is also one of the factors that make a difference in price, the two main qualities are usually aluminum and carbon.

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Lastly, the choice of a bike like that not only revolves around the style, design, but also depends on the purpose of the bike, the budget to buy, and the appropriate configuration. So make sure the bike you are buying will meet all your criteria.