Interesting Facts You Should Know About Earth Day

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Are you looking for Interesting Facts you should know about Earth Day In this 2021 year, Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22.

This is the day where everyone takes a moment To feel grateful for our nature, Earth, and their amazing resources which benefit us and keep us alive.

In addition, we make sure on this day we save and take some important action so that our future generation will keep benefited from these resources.

You may off the TV, plant trees, do recycling, etc for giving extra efforts to celebrate earth day. You may also wear a special costume for it too.

All is that for only because you choose to honor Earth Day.

This is the day to celebrate as a popular and important way to jumpstart a lifetime of better care of Earth.

Before celebrating Earth Day let's know some interesting facts about Earth Day.

Theme Song For Earth Day

If you love singing, this point is for you.

In 2013, Abhay Kumar from India wrote the Earth Day Anthem. It is recorded in all official UN languages.

International Mother Earth Day

This is a very interesting fact that many countries don't call Earth Day Earth Day. They know this day as "International Mother Earth Day."

This name is official by the way because, in 2009, the United Nations gave this name.

Who Is Founder Of Earth Day

U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson understood the need to promote the environmental movement.

Senator Gaylord Nelson found that people protesting the Vietnam War but not thinking about the damage that took place on earth because of contaminants for example pesticides, oil spills, and deadly smog.

In addition, there was no pressure on the government related to damages.

In 1970, he started to look for ways to do that. After a while, He proposed the idea of celebrating "Earth Day."

On April 22, 1970, The first Earth Day was celebrated with the idea of projects and classes for help to understand what to do for the environment, and ever since every year this day is celebrated for protecting the environment.

The Global Movement Has Inspired Real Change

Have you heard "Plant Trees Not Bombs"? A very popular campaign happened in 2011, earth day in Afghanistan where they planted 28 million trees in their nation.

Something more interesting happened in 2012 when in china more than 1 Lakh people rode the bikes to highlight the pollution amount created from it. Their agenda is to reduce CO2 emissions.

A Powerful Start

After the election of the Senate in 1962, Nelson repeatedly listened that Americans are not concerned about environmental problems and he kept pushing to create an environmental agenda by convincing the lawmakers.

But in 1970, 20 million people joined the celebration of the first Earth Day and taught that's how he proved everyone wrong.

After that, it has just grown and celebrates around the world for our planet Earth

Don't Consider Earth Day And Equinox Day Are Same

Usually, on March 20, the first day of Spring, Equinox Day is celebrated, it also celebrates the idea of caring for the Earth.

First time in centuries, spring arrives early on March 19 in 2020.

In 2021 this day comes as usual , March 20.

The date was chosen for college students

Denis Hayes started the Earth Day Network among the foundations and He went to internationalize Earth Day.

Denis Hayes and Senator Nelson chose the date April 22 intentionally.

This date is between the Final exams and spring break.

Their intention was to attract college students who were famous for being politically active in that protest era.

Every Year Earth Day Have Different Themes

Starting from 1990, when the global mobilization of environmental issues with recycling have all the focus and spotlight.

Further, In 2000 clean energy and global warming is the theme for earth day.

The next decade in 2010, recognized as the world's largest environmental service project where a billion action of green beside a big rally about climate change happened in Washington, D.C.

Lastly, the Earth Day theme set for 2021 is Restore Our Planet Earth.

The focus is to remind everyone that healthy earth is needed for our health, lives, survival and it's very important to protect our planet.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The huge Earth Day movement created a change in the world and it also drove the creation of The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was approved by Richard Nixon who was president in 1970.

This agency is the result of the Earth Day movement.

Some of the legislation such as clean drinking water, clean air for breath, many toxic substances, and most important endangered species were passed too.

Earth Day For All

There is no age or place restrictions for celebrating the Earth Day in the world.

Everybody can participate in Earth Day by planting trees, cleaning their community, including in March, reducing waste in the home, or many more ways.

Government and proactive corporations announce measures to support the environment on this special day.