How to save money on eBay with coupons

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EBay is an American website specializing in selling goods online, ranked 44th in top 100 best global brands in 2019 by Interband- the world’s leading brand consultancy. The most distinctive difference of Ebay is that it allows you to buy products in the form of eBay auctions. Accordingly, customers who pays the higher price will buy that item.

Nowadays, eBay constantly offers a variety of discounts, coupons and deal campaigns. This is a big chance for customers to buy all kinds of products at better prices. So, how to save money on eBay with coupons. This is the concern of many consumers, from those who want to buy products to use to shop owners who want to import large quantities for business. To be able to buy goods on Ebay to save the most cost, there are a few experiences you should keep in mind:

1. Know how to find reputable Ebay shop

When searching for any keyword on Ebay, the results returned are extremely numerous. Choosing a reputable shop will help you save a lot of costs by importing goods with good quality and avoiding cases of damage and unnecessary cost. A few things to keep in mind to choose a reputable Ebay shop:

+ Choose the store with positive feedback from 98% or more and the number of people who want to own the product as much as possible.

+ Choose a shop that has the most recent feedback and has a positive review

2. Know how to hunt for high quality products at the cheaper prices on Ebay effectively

There are many big promotions offered on holidays and occasion such as Valentine, Black Friday, Back to school sale. If you know how to hunt for high quality products at the cheaper prices on Ebay effectively, it will save quite a lot of buying costs. If you want to get the latest great deals on Ebay effectively, visiting Couponupto which has the membership with over 100,000 stores worldwide to provide customers with the promotion and discount codes to optimize their’s shopping experience. Besides, Couponupto also brings the shoppers many useful saving tips to economize much money to become smart buyers.

In addition, some well-known websites like Couponupto offers many eBay coupon codes such as Coupon follow, Slickdeals you can refer to.

3. Have knowledge of auction on Ebay

Auction is a very prominent feature of Ebay. Typically, the products auctioned are worth much more than the starting price. Therefore, customers knowledgeable about Ebay auction will sometimes buy goods at very bargain prices. So, auction on Ebay how to achieve the highest efficiency is not a simple thing that anyone can grasp.

4. If being international shoppers, choose a shipping company to transport with competitive rates

This is also an important factor to make your shopping on Ebay most effective. Normally, Ebay shops do not support shipping to internaational, if any, the cost is also very expensive and the delivery time is long. Therefore, finding an Ebay shipping unit to your country with competitive rates will help you save a lot of costs.

Ebay’s frequently asked questions

1. How to get coupons?

If you'd like to receive eBay coupons, just follow these steps:

1. Go to My eBay > Account > Communication Preferences.

2. Go to Promotions and Surveys and select Show.

3. Check the subscription box beside General email promotions and select Save.

We'll send coupons to your registered email address. If you've received a coupon, it'll also appear at the bottom of My eBay Summary. If there are no current coupon offers for you, please note the coupon section won't appear.

2. How to offer combined shipping discounts?

For combined shipping discounts to be applied automatically, the seller has to set up shipping discounts prior to the sale and the buyer has to pay for all items at once using eBay checkout.

You can also offer combined shipping discounts after a sale.

- Before the buyer pays for the items, you can combine the items on a single invoice. On the combined invoice, you can revise the shipping cost to show a discounted price.

- If the buyer has already paid for the item, you can't combine it with other purchases. However, you can combine any remaining items or send a revised invoice for a single item. On the revised invoice, you can enter a discount in the Seller discounts or charges box.

3. How to redeem coupons?

The process of redeeming eBay offers is the same in all cases. The first thing you need to do is choose one of the products from the link eBay has left above and add it to the cart. Then, in the billing and shipping section (exactly the same whether you use the desktop version or the mobile app), all you need to do is click on Add Coupon . You will see that the price is automatically discounted by the value of the coupon. Keep in mind that these coupons will only be valid until a certain date, so don't miss out on the opportunity of really useful coupons for you.

4. I didn't receive an item I paid for. Does eBay offer insurance?

eBay does not offer an insurance programme. However, PayPal offers Buyer Protection Programme that covers most eBay purchases paid with PayPal in the event of non-delivery or misrepresentation.

To check if an eBay item is eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection, look for the PayPal Buyer Protection message in the item description page e.g. ‘Pay with PayPal and your full purchase price is covered’.


Making use of eBay features to earn money with the above advices will absolutely help you not only save as much money as possible but also gain experience on selling on the e-commerce marketplace. Because eBay operates in the form of auction which can contain risks for both sellers and buyers. Therefore, your tasks are being patient and researching carefully before making any transaction on Ebay.