Healthy Fat vs Unhealthy Fat

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It all started some years back. I was talking to a dietician and tried to let her talk for most of our discussion, because she clearly had very strong opinions about losing weight naturally. I did my best to end our conversation on a pleasant note, but she really wanted to debate with me, no matter what I said.

She could not or would not agree with any point I made or even keep an open mind about any new perspective I suggested to her. She kept repeating how she had helped hundreds of people lose weight naturally by teaching them how to count calories, count fat and of course count sugar, too.

After a while I started interjecting questions, hoping that she would eventually stop and listen longer than a few seconds at a time and it worked. Every time I interjected a question, she would pause for a couple seconds and then give me a quick response, then return to her calorie counting philosophy.

Then I Interjected A Question That Forced Her To Pause For A Lot Longer Than A Few Seconds.

I asked her, “out of those hundreds that you’ve helped lose weight naturally, how many rebounded?”. She was silent, so I asked again the same question, but she was silent again. I asked her if she was all right, then in a very disappointed tone, she finally responded, “most of them.”

I think right at that moment she finally acquiesced to my point, reluctantly of course.

What was my point you’re wondering? My point was that there are two types of fat, healthy fat and unhealthy fat. Healthy fat provides all sorts of healthy benefits for your entire body, from protecting your organs to storing protein and other vital nutrients to use later as fuel.

The unhealthy fat is the fat that very few people know about, let alone understand, but is the only fat that can create obesity.

When you hear the word “fat”, do imagine someone looking healthy and slim or fat? Most assume the latter, because that is how society uses the word fat. Diets, meal plans, exercise routines, calorie counting and weight loss supplements are all there to feed the desperate desire to lose weight and let’s be honest here, most don’t care how they lose weight, as long as they lose weight.

But when you lose weight without first understanding the difference between healthy fat and unhealthy fat, then you end up trying any fad diet you can get your hands on, because all you want to do is lose weight. The problem with this thinking though, is that diets, exercise routines, calorie counting and weight loss supplements focus on losing all fat, so both the healthy fat and the unhealthy fat.

So What Causes Rebound Or Loss Of Skin Elasticity?

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I’m glad you asked that because the answer will blow your mind!! Kidding. It’s quite simple actually. Rebound only occurs when you lost too much “healthy fat”, which is the fat your body actually needs and depends on.

It’s this healthy fat your body is desperate to build up again, but because you lost weight the unhealthy way, not only do you gain the healthy fatback, but the unhealthy fatback, too! I know, it’s not fair, right? You should be able to lose weight any way you want and not have to worry about ever gaining it back.

Unfortunately, that’s not how fat works. The only way to lose only unhealthy fat, while keeping all your healthy fat, is not by exercising more, not by eating processed foods and snacks in cute, little packages and certainly not by counting calories in that processed food, either, in fact just the opposite.

You must exercise less or just do brisk walks and short jogs while eating raw, pesticide-free vegetables for every meal of the day. I’m not saying you must become a vegan because you can still eat chicken, eggs and fish, but your meals must be light and as high in protein as possible. This is how to lose only unhealthy fat and even tighten your skin and tone your muscles, all without hard exercise.

Some might call that a diet plan, but I call it a lifestyle all of us should follow.

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