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EMPE USA is an online provider of quality brands and a large array of CBD products. The US-based store offers a wide variety of cannabidiol products. Shoppers can rest assured that all their hemp and CBD brands are grown, harvested and manufactured in the United States of America. EMPE USA has a team with quality assurance personnel who truly care about their products and customer experience through their safe and well-handled products. Due to their credibility, there have been more and more shoppers choose EMPE USA products over the years.

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Happy National CBD Day with EMPE USA

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National CBD Day is now a sort of official day on the calendar, according to the not very official National Day Calendar. But where did this day come from?

As with most “national days”, National CBD Day is rooted in commercial interests, indicating just how powerful the CBD industry, expected to hit upwards of $15 billion by 2025, has become in a short time.

According to Marlo Anderson, founder of National Day Calendar, "Quite frankly, every national holiday is made up, too. It just depends on whether they get the national designation or not." He explains, "Think of Hallmark. There is a reason we have a Mother's Day and Father's Day: Because they wanted to sell more cards. Donut Day was created by the Salvation Army around World War I. There are stories behind every one of them.”

Holidays like Thanksgiving and the 4th of July received a national designation from Congress, but that practice slowed down significantly around 200 years ago. Until Anderson founded the National Day Calendar in 2013, most of the unofficial "national days" were organic products of societal interest, he says. But now, he explains, the government sends fanatics his way to campaign for observances like National Tater Tot Day and National Day of the Gong (two real days we can get behind).

And that's exactly what North Carolina CBD company CbdMD did in 2018. In fact, the company also successfully lobbied for a National Hemp Day, which just saw its inaugural celebration on February 4. CbdMD president Caryn Dunayer says both efforts were inspired by the lack of marketing and advertising available to hemp and CBD companies, which can be ostracized by media platforms and regulators because of their association with marijuana.

Special Features of EMPE USA products

All of EMPE products are harvested, tested, and manufactured in the United States. EMPE’s Hemp is 100% Natural, 99%+ Pure CBD manufactured in controlled, certified labs. Each and every one of the products undergoes rigorous quality control testing and is carefully monitored from its original extraction, all the way to retail stores. The products come backed by our highly trained customer service team. They regularly provide lessons on new products and new trends in the industry to the customer service staff to ensure that all of their representatives are equipped with the knowledge necessary to properly answer customers’ questions and concerns.

EMPE USA regularly introduces new products to its line of CBD and hemp-derived gummies, oils, vape liquids, pet treats, and more.

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"I’m not going to lie, your product is superb! and believe me, I have tried a lot of other brands out there."MORRIS

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"I was initially reluctant to try out this product, but my, am I happy I eventual did. Thumbs up guys!!"GUTIERREZ

"Whenever my energy levels are down, that when I turn to MCT oil. I immediately feel energised and raring to go." ORTIZ


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