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“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” -Thomas A. Edison

Hiration’s online resume builder was launched to provide professional assistance to job seekers for framing impeccable resumes in today’s treacherous job market.

Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to provide a platform for professionals looking for expert guidance in curating job-winning resumes to land their dream jobs. A lot of hard work has been invested in creating the most effective features for our clients.

In this article, we have listed some resources which have been developed by our experts and can help you curate the perfect resume that can help you stand out among other applicants:

In-Built Templates

One of the features that make our online resume builder stand out among any other is the in-built resume templates that we provide to our clients.

You can easily go through our templates and pick out the most suitable template to highlight the most significant points of your professional expertise.

We have a collection of templates keeping in mind that every job profile has its unique set of requirements and our clients need to be able to communicate their potential to the recruiters in the most effective way.

As the saying goes “the first impression is the last impression”, our in-built templates have been developed to introduce you to the recruiters in the most professional way possible.

They not only give you the chance to stand out among other applicants but also helps intrigue the recruiters and compels them to go through your resume.

Pre-filled Content Templates

Additionally, our team of experts has created a collection of 30+ pre-filled content templates for different industries on our resume builder. You can easily refer to them and edit the content to fit your professional information.

The templates are created with the sole goal of helping you communicate every aspect of your professional experience, academic details, professional awards & recognition, required contact information, etc. to the recruiters.

These templates will cater to your needs regardless of what rung of your career you are on. From extremely experienced professionals to freshers, there is something for everyone on Hiration’s online resume builder.

Resume Review Service

Hiration believes in upholding its reputation as an online resume builder that is user friendly and provides high-quality service to its clients.

In case you have an existing resume that has failed to get you shortlisted for the targeted job profile, make sure to use our free review service to get assistance from our experts within minutes of uploading it on our tool.

Your resume will be reviewed in compliance with the latest industry norms to make your resume recruiter-friendly and ATS compliant.

Your resume will also be reviewed to ensure that your resume format is top-notch and doesn’t lack in any aspects like the order of sections, font style/size, margins, etc.

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Resume Examples

Another important feature that you cannot miss out on is our collection of resume examples.

We have 100+ resume examples that have been categorized according to the different fields of job profiles all over the globe.

You can be from any background; sales, management, finance, accounts, or any existing field of work. Our resume examples can help you find a suitable example that you can refer to while framing your resume.

Every example is job-specific and the points listed in the example are easy to read and comprehend.

In-depth Guide Blogs

Our blogs can help you deeply understand the curation process of impeccable resumes.

These blogs are written per the existing resume examples to provide detailed guidelines that can help you understand the importance of every section in a resume and how to effectively frame them.

It is our priority to assist professionals in not only creating resumes but also to make the experience hassle-free while writing their resumes. This is why we regularly publish such in-depth guides on our blog.


The number of job seekers is increasing every day, making the competition fierce in today’s job market. Make sure to put in extra effort by curating a flawless resume and stake your chances in today’s cut-throat recruitment world.

Author’s Bio:

Aditya Sharma

An entrepreneur and a resume tactician, Aditya lives and breathes Hiration — an AI-powered online resume builder and platform to assist job-seekers land their dream jobs.