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Experience Hunting Discount Codes At Amazon On Halloween 

Halloween is coming, have you found a suitable shopping address yet? Shopping on Amazon is the most popular form of shopping today. Especially with Sale or Deal goods, Amazon will surely explode. During Halloween, promotions, discount codes, and attractive coupons are hotter than ever. If you still don't know how to hunt for discount codes at Amazon during Halloween, check out the article below. We invite you to follow along.

Instructions on how to hunt Deals on Amazon super effectively

To find discount products on Amazon and be able to buy Sale Off items at super bargain prices, you have 3 ways to do it as follows:

Type the keyword discount in the Amazon search box

After logging in to the Amazon website, in the search box you type in the following syntax: Discount of the + NAME of the product you want to find. You should note here that you must type in English names. Since this is a worldwide e-commerce site, the common language used will be English.

I give you an example to make it easier to understand, you are looking to buy a discount on iPhone 11 128Gb capacity. You will enter the search box with the following content: “Discount of the iPhone 11 128Gb”.

Then, clicking on the search button will bring up a series of results of products related to the Discount of the iPhone 11 128Gb on sale. 

Click on the homepage to see the promotion

Amazon Homepage

On Amazon's homepage, there will be promotions of the day, you just need to click on the "Today's Deals" section to see all the products that are on Sale Off of the stores.

However, there is a small tip that I want to share to make it easier for you to find the right product for your needs. That is, 

  • You can filter certain products by checking the product category you want to search on the left in the Department section. 
  • You can filter by the desired price by adjusting on the right-hand side at Sort by...

Receive Amazon promotional emails

This will be a way to help you know all products that are having promotions with attractive offers accurately and quickly. Click on Today's Deals, then you'll see a summary of ways to receive promotional emails from Amazon. Look for the words  “daily deals email” and then click and Continue.

During Halloween,  you will receive emails introducing promotional products every day with your registered account.

Why should buy Deal on Amazon?

The obvious answer is because it's cheaper. There are even sales with a much cheaper price than the original price sold at normal times, sometimes Sale Off up to 50%.

Especially when Amazon holds promotions and discounts like on Halloween.

These installments guarantee you the lowest prices you've ever seen anywhere.

Experience hunting discount codes on Halloween

Experience hunting discount codes on Halloween

To help you hunt for successful discount codes, especially on holidays like now. Here are some tips and experiences that will make sure your Sales hunting process becomes simpler, easier, and more successful.

  • First, look at the chart showing the price history right below the product. This will help you to know and properly assess whether this product is on sale or not.
  • Halloween often has a huge discount with many costumes and decorations, sometimes up to 80%. So please take advantage of the right category according to your search needs to save more time.
  • Lightning Deals are products that are only discounted during the day, so the time to appear on Amazon is very short. So it's best to watch first, and then set notifications so you can grab the opportunity quickly.
  • Every 5 minutes, there will be more new Sale products launched. So you should spend a separate and certain time to focus on hunting Sale goods.
  • Sale goods will not have an exchange or return program. 

Experience finding reputable sellers when buying on Amazon

Because it is an online purchase on Halloween, so there are many potential risks to product quality. That's why you need to choose a reputable seller. At Amazon, for each successful purchase and sale order, the buyer can evaluate the seller's product and service quality. User reviews are often about criteria such as: does the product match the description given by the seller or not? Is the shipping cost expensive or cheap? What is the delivery time?

Reputable sellers are those who have been doing business on Amazon for 1 year or more, have a better review rate than 98%, the higher the overall score, the greater the reputation.

To buy looking for reputable sellers, you avoid sellers with low ratings, few stars. Please read the product information carefully.

A reputable seller often considers factors such as: how their product is described; home delivery time and shipping fee. Therefore, it is necessary to learn carefully to avoid buying poor quality products, ...


Above is an article to share about the experience of hunting discount codes at amazon during Halloween. Hopefully with the information just shared above will help you know how to hunt for discount codes on Amazon effectively and successfully on Halloween. Wish you have a happy holiday.

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