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Coupon Your Way to Decorating and Accessorizing Your New Home

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Save Money and Spend Wisely

Did you know you can save loads of money by looking for discount coupons for Home Depot and other major stores? Coupons and discount codes are a great way to save money on new stuff, so maybe you want to budget that into your money-saving plan. Buy paint, timber, furniture, and accessories with discounts often exceeding 50 percent of the list price – sometimes as much as 80 percent if you’re looking in the right place for coupons.

If you are moving into a new home, you know that the whole experience is exciting yet it can be expensive. Not only are you purchasing a new home and having to hire real estate help but you will also want to decorate your new abode when you get the keys. By sourcing coupons and discount codes, all you need do is put them to good use as you go from room to room adding your signature style.

Let’s take a look at some tips on how you can put the coupons and discount codes to good use.

Paint the Walls by Yourself

It can be tempting to hire a painter to come to your new property and decorate. But this can work out pretty expensive. A painter and decorator may charge by the hour for small jobs or quote an all-in price for larger jobs. If a painter and decorator supplied the paint and other equipment, he or she will place a mark-up on the materials, such as paint, paint thinner and other consumables.

Painting the walls, woodwork and other surfaces in your home is a simple enough process. All you need to do is take the time to do the work. Why not head to your local DIY store and pick up some paint and do the job yourself? This is going to be much more affordable and it can be a fun task to do with your family. Plus, the results will be extremely rewarding, and you can be sure you get everything how you want it to be. Besides, you can get amazing ideas related to Interior Design in Dubai at Muse Interior Design

Add Cushions and Throws

If you want to add color and interest to a room, you do not have to break the bank. In fact, adding cushions and throws to your bed and couches is an easy and affordable way to do it. If you want to keep up with home decor trends, throws and cushions are a much more affordable option than changing furniture to keep abreast of the latest home furnishing trends.

There are plenty of bargains out there and you can save a fortune in the process. There is no need to buy new furniture; just add cushions and throws; you can mix and match hues or patterns to create a perfect on-trend backdrop to your life. For example, check out woof blankets deals as an example and your furry friend can become part of your room décor!

Use Mirrors for Light

Are there any dark rooms in your new home? Before you think about adding more lights and having to bring in an electrician, consider using mirrors. This is a great way to add light to a budget. They can reflect the natural light and brighten the room instantly. You will be surprised by what mirrors can do. Of course, there is plenty of diverse frames and glass styles that are also going to add interest to your walls.

Upholster Old Furniture

If you have just bought a new home, chances are you cannot afford a lot of new furniture. Most people have little if anything left over after paying all the fees associated with house buying. Money is tight, so instead of having to make do with old and tired furniture, you can start upholstering them instead. All you have to do is purchase new fabrics. This can be a fun task; you can choose from a lot more colors and patterns. From old dining chairs to living room armchairs, you just might not be able to stop!

If reupholstering furniture is a bit beyond your DIY skills, you may be able to find pre-loved items in thrift stores for example. It is not uncommon to unearth a beautiful piece of furniture which has been pre-loved and is a fraction of the cost new. If the upholstery has seen better days but you still fall in love with it, don’t forget throws and cushions, as mentioned above, will hide a multitude of sins.

Paint the Floors

If you have moved into a new house with floors that are not in good condition, you may think that you have to replace them. But this is not always true. In fact, you can simply purchase floor paint instead. The painting will give old flooring a new lease on life. If the flooring is original timbers, stripping off any pre-existing paint of staining is an easy enough task if you follow the instructions printed on the container. A new coat of timber stain applied after stripping will really show off the grain of the timber floorboards.

Alternatively, if you are a little creative, why not create a patterned finish to the flooring. There are stencil patterns you can use if you are feeling creative and want to give your flooring some cool decoration. This can look great in bathrooms and kitchens but is also easily transferable to a living room, playroom, bedroom, or just about any room in the house.

In Summary

If you apply discount codes or coupons to any of the products or enhancements above, you may be surprised how much you can achieve on a very small budget. Right, so you now have the tips, you also have a few tricks up your sleeve, so now those all-important coupons and discount codes are the catalysts to get cracking. Your home is going to be the best crib in the neighborhood, decorated in such a style your neighbors will think you have won the lottery. Good luck!

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