Best Essential Golf Accessories for Beginners

Golf can be said to be a rather picky sport, but extremely interesting. However, for golf, choosing the necessary tools is also quite important. Golf accessories are accessories that support golfers during practice and competition. The following article will help you choose the right tools for new players.

Golf clubs

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Choosing for yourself a good club is very important, in the golf club set, there are usually 3 indispensable clubs that any golfer should have, which are wooden clubs (Woods), irons ( Irons ). , and bitter ( putters ) in addition to some sort of sticks comes again. Choose a cane that can be adjusted to the height of each user. The shaft should be sure to fit the size of your hand.

  • Wooden: For long-distance shots, from tee-off and hitting the ball from the liftline. Wooden sticks usually have metal or wooden tips. Wooden clubs with metal tips take the ball farther and are less prone to damage. Clubs have many types from flexible to hard, for each player. Only healthy players can use hard sticks, women often use a lot of bent sticks.
  • Irons: Long, medium, and short irons for relative distance and accuracy. The length of the shaft varies depending on the face-up profile, with the clubface being used less often on long shots than on precision-curved clubs. The iron features grooves in the face for increased ball retention and spin control, and a removable rear recess enhances the fit points for ease of use. Test by letting a coin slide under the clubhead, at a specified position the club is at the right angle.

Currently, on the market there are many types of golf clubs, you can find any product through e-commerce sites. Don't forget to use discount codes and coupons available on websites to save money on purchases.

Binoculars to measure golf distance

Binoculars to measure golf distance

Binoculars are also an effective support accessory for golfers during golf and competition. In fact, golf binoculars are a type of machine that effectively measures distances.

The use of binoculars during golf will help players accurately measure the distance from the ball to the golf hole. This will help you determine the type of club to use to hit the yard for the number of yards that the binoculars signal.

Not stopping there, golf binoculars can also be used to measure the slope of the golf course terrain. From there, it helps golfers easily determine the strategy and choose the right golf club to make shots easier. 

Golf balls and related items

Golf balls and related items

Basic golf balls include hollow balls and solid balls. Accompanying the golf ball are other related items such as a ball cleaning cloth, a sponge to clean the ball, a marker for the ball lying, or the ball stakes...

The characteristics of a golf ball are that the core, shell, and compressive strength change with the power and spin, and different types of balls have different compression. Choosing a golf ball should pay attention to the aerodynamics of the ball. The standard ball can help players hit the ball accurately and quickly win with the fewest swings.

Professional players often choose expensive balls with optimal spin. They also like to use three-layer balls because they create optimal spin. However, this type of ball is quite expensive. The cheaper one has a double-layered ball, which is very durable and hard, can hit great distances but is difficult to control.

Golf course outfit 

Golf course outfit 

Usually, golfers will wear sweatshirts and collarless t-shirts. In addition, players should choose golf shoes that feel soft on the heel and ankle, choose eyeglasses suitable for the weather, choose accessories such as golf hats, umbrellas, raincoats, golf gloves …

Golf gloves are an important and necessary accessory in a golfer's kit. The product is like skin that protects the golf club when hands sweat as well as protects hands from scratches during play.

In particular, golf gloves also provide the best grip for players. Thereby, helping the player's hand control the shot better, especially when the palm is sweaty when playing. In the summer weather, you will sweat a lot, so wear a collared shirt when going out. The choice of material is also very important, you should choose a mesh shirt to drain sweat easily. 

For golf pants, pants made from khaki fabric, shorts are also used, but make sure they are sports shorts and not higher than 6 inches above the knee. In the summer, you should choose sports shorts combined with short-sleeved mesh shirts to stay cool on the playground.

A clean, absorbent towel to wipe sweat and cover your neck on a hot summer day. Help reduce discomfort when excessive sweating causes discomfort for you. Therefore, it is recommended to use 100% Cotton towels, which absorb sweat well.


For golfers, the accompanying tools are extremely necessary, choosing the right one is also very important. Above are the most essential golf accessories for beginners. Hope you will have a great experience with golf.




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