5 Tips On How to Gain Muscle and Save Money

5 Tips On How to Gain Muscle and Save Money

The internet is flooded with inaccurate and mythical information about bodybuilding methods, and any information claims to be the most effective method of bodybuilding.

Surely anyone who has been doing bodybuilding is wondering how to exercise effectively and gain muscle fast? You spend a lot of time researching and then feel confused by completely contradictory information. It's easy to see how conflicting opinions will turn into endless debates, mostly around the following issues:

– Which method is more optimal: low intensity or high intensity?

– Should I do a full-body workout at the same time or split it up 3 to 5 days apart?

– Which method is optimal for beginners?

– Do you need to arrange rest periods during training?

Try asking any of the above on a forum and you'll end up with an endless mess of arguments. Some people choose a high-intensity training method because they think it's effective, others jump in criticism, then someone decides to stick with full-body training and is ridiculed as antiquated.

People keep arguing excitedly without realizing the big picture, that is: nothing is paramount in an effective bodybuilding method, because everyone's body is different, so it can't be too hard. prompt in a method without change.

However, there are 5 basic rules that everyone must follow if they want to exercise effectively and thrifty:

1. Perseverance, regularity

Most bodybuilders fail not because of the difficulty of the exercise or strict diet, but because of their lack of willpower and give up halfway. If you want a strong and muscular body, it is indispensable for perseverance for many years without interruption. Without the will, the 6-pack body can only be a dream that will never come.

You may not go to the gym once a week every two to three months, but if you exceed that amount, your training results will suffer. Many people have a strong determination in the early stages, but because of discouragement, they give up halfway, eventually going nowhere.

Should focus on quality instead of quantity, not necessarily 30-35 sets per day, within 5 days per week. Lower the amount to 12-16 sets a day, within 3-4 days a week you can see the desired results.

Giving up is a waste, and you're wasting your effort and money, and more! So just e patient and keep your discipline.

2. There is no magic here

No exercise program is as magical or magical as advertised online, most reliable training methods are based on the same basis and have many similar movements.

If you follow a reasonable diet, work hard regularly with increasing intensity, you will see noticeable results. Pick a few exercises that you enjoy and stick with them, and find the way that works best for you to achieve your goals. As an example, you can go from Los Angeles to Newyork by several routes, some of which will make the trip longer, but there are others that will shorten the journey time. . Whether it's fast or slow, it doesn't matter as long as you are interested and feel that the method is right for you, the way it is done is not as important as the result achieved.

Understanding this you will have a suitable training strategy, thereby saving you time and money for practice.

3. There is no difference between strength training and muscle training in the early stages

Male and Female Strength and Muscle Growth

The first phase of these two types of training is not different until the practitioner reaches a certain health foundation. You cannot become big and muscular if you are not stronger than you are now, because if you are not strong enough, it is impossible to practice movements involving large muscle groups that require total strength such as lifting weights, pull-ups, squats ...

During the first year or so of training, the only task for the practitioner is: to make the body as strong, as strong as possible, then consider shaping the muscles.

4. The results are getting harder and harder to see

During the first 6 months to 1 year of exercising (regularly and gradually increasing in intensity), you will easily see changes in yourself, in your body, and in health.

But over time, that progress will decrease significantly and cause many bodybuilders to worry because they think they are slipping. Indeed everything has become slower over time but that is not because you did anything wrong, but after a long period of practice, your body has been in motion, gradually moving to the limit of muscle and strength, so The process will be quite slow.

Keep a careful log of your workouts and you will see that your body is still making progress but only at a slower rate, which is completely natural and not causes for concern. It should be understood that the purpose of bodybuilding is the gradual result achieved after a long time, not the anxiety of not gaining 1 kg per week. After about 18-24 months, just an average of 5kg body weight gain is a good result.

5. There are very few “necessary” things for effective bodybuilding

Just persistently applying for reputable exercise programs, gradually increasing the intensity, and choosing exercises that are right for you along with a reasonable diet is enough. With the diet, you should cook for yourself, that will save you more, and the food will be much healthier and cleaner. And if you want to buy equipment to practice at home, make sure you check out discount codes and promotions to get them.

There are many other tools that aid in the process of muscle gain, but they are not so important as to be indispensable. You may often see advice that intense exercises, the perfect combination... will work wonders.

It is true that the combined methods or methods of support are all very useful, undeniably, but we can still achieve good results without because each person has their own way of practicing as long as it is not effective.


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