5 Common event planning mistakes to avoid

Holding a successful event is no easy task. The nature of event planning always requires careful investment. When planning an event, there are many things you need to think of such as writing an event plan, find suppliers, donors, select an event venue, logistics activities... 
In fact, an event always gathers many guests to attend. So even a small mistake can offend the guests. Therefore, minimizing event planning mistakes is also an important step to note. Here are the mistakes in organizing events you should avoid.

1.Choosing an inappropriate event venue
The event venue is a factor that affects the quality of event organization. With the participation of a large number of guests, the venue needs to be convenient, easy to be approached.

Choosing an inappropriate event venue

The location is too far or is on the bad roads will make guests feel uncomfortable in the process of going to the location. This is a common event mistake. And sometimes it's unavoidable, especially when renting places gets tough. To overcome this and make guests not upset. You need to inform the venue early to plan a reasonable move.
In addition, pay attention to cost. The appropriate and luxurious event venues are often quite expensive at the weekends. So be flexible on the various date selections to cost less. Host the event in days of the week is cheaper than weekends.

2. The unprofessional customer care team
Bad customer service is everywhere and can affect any event. Sometimes, the lack of professionalism manifests itself in small situations that we cannot expect. In some countries like Japan or Korea, the mistake in organizing this event is considered as disrespectful to the guests. This mistake is the thing that makes the guest most upset.
Therefore, to avoid making this mistake, you need to train staff first in order not to encounter technical problems as well as not hiring enough help that displeased customers.
If the problem is force majeure, please apologize to the guest. To show respect to everyone. This will help guests not lose heart when attending the event.

3. The script is too verbose
For events, professionalism in script preparation is an important step that needs careful investment. The script is too long or full of confusing words in speech is one of the most common event mistakes.

The script is too verbose

When giving presentations or speaking, the speaker "staring" at the paper or the phone made customers extremely upset. This makes guests feel drowsy, boring and uncomfortable if they suffered in a long time.
To avoid this error, the organizational unit has to take time to know how to build a professional scenario, with a reasonable time. And plan to organize a reasonable event. In addition, try to create accents for the event, the speaker should actively create eye-contact effects to not cause discomfort to the guests.
Speeches need to professional, succinct, and concise to be able to convey content to the guests, and not cause fatigue for listeners.

4. Master of Ceremonies (MC)
Most events require an MC. Usually, the host will post or inform the program of the event to the MC a few days in advance to prepare and rehearse. Sometimes, the MC is too confident or too busy to preview it. As a result, it is easy to forget the speech during the event.
At an event that is professionally organized, people will also consider unexpected crisis management solutions. Accordingly, the organizer will have to predict what bad situations are likely to occur and how to solve each case. In fact, this is also impossible and sometimes counterproductive, because the more you try to do everything, the more likely you are to make mistakes.

5.  Not Hiring Enough Help

Look for staff withmany years of experiences to have a perfect event

To hold an event, you need many event staff to do different tasks. Hiring additional help is truly a critical step in the success of any event,  but this step is frequently overlooked. Organizers should avoid this mistake to have a superb event. 
In fact, if you have more staff, they will assist during the event, resolve problems that arise, provide additional service to areas in need.
When hiring event staff, seeking out those experienced staff for your planning. Try to hire professional staff and train them on what your event is about, the guests that will be attending. It will cost you more money but it may save your event whenever have unexpected problems happen. To save money, you look for event staff from your event planning business. 
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Above are some common mistakes that event organizers should avoid to have a perfect event.