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10 Corporate Gifting for Businesses: Christmas Coupons

Christmas holidays always promise a lot of pleasant bustle and gifts. But in addition to gifts for loved ones, your colleagues and partners shouldn’t be left without your attention as well. However, each of your team members is unique in his/her own way, thus, you as a business owner may find it challenging to satisfy everyone's personal preferences and match their interests with your gift.

And when the number of employees exceeds ten people, then such a task becomes even more difficult to cope with. If you do not know how to please your employees with Christmas gifts, then below you will find 10 coupons that will suit absolutely all your employees, partners, colleagues, and freelance assistants. 

Top 10 Coupons That Can Be the Best Corporate Gifts in 2022

Best Corporate Gifts in 2021

Today, online shopping allows you not to save a lot of time looking for relevant gifts for your team. You just need to go to the coupon marketplaces, and the problem with the choice of gifts for the team will be solved. Below you will find the 10 best deals that will suit everyone, regardless of age and position.

1. Happy Mind Therapy  - 18$ 

The conditions of the pandemic have influenced not only physical health but also the mental health of almost every person. Why not please your employees with the opportunity to talk about their problems with a professional? This coupon offers an hour session with a specialist, and based on numerous reviews, this is a truly valuable pastime. Of course, this price may seem expensive if you have a lot of employees, but if you do not have a large staff, then this is a great option that everyone will take advantage of.

2. Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Online Course - 9$

How can managers motivate their staff? The right and useful gift is the option offered by this coupon. As part of this course, your employees will receive useful information that they can apply not only in their professional activities but also in their personal lives. So this option is suitable for absolutely everyone, and perhaps the collective knowledge gained from this course will make your business stronger.

3. Yoga for Lung Health -  6$

Lung health is more relevant than ever, and such a gift will become a real manifestation of care for your employees. This coupon will provide your employee with instructions on yoga poses to keep the lungs healthy.
This coupon has a lot of positive reviews and, importantly, this guide is suitable even for those who are completely new to yoga. The health of your employees is the key to your successful business, so this gift is worth the attention of those who care about their team.

4. Health & Wellness Online Session - 16$

Today, health is the number one priority and this coupon is becoming a win-win option to delight your team on the eve of Christmas. Such a gift is not only pleasant but also useful.
In this online session, your employees will gain knowledge about health and can make their lives healthier. Isn't that what every need on the eve of the New Year?

5. Personalized Serving Board - 7.99$

This is a great gift for all employees, whether they have a passion for cooking or not. Personalized boards can be a real decoration of the kitchen and work as a serving tool for snacks and cheese.
If you have a rather creative team, then you can come up with comic and funny monograms for each employee. Well, if you have a large staff, then just a name or initials are enough.

6. Creative Writing for Beginners  - 10$

Do you need the best online essay writer? You can combine business purpose with pleasure and teach your co-workers new skills. This is a basic course with which your employees can delve deeper into the specialization of writers.
Based on the reviews of this coupon, it is a good start to dive into the world of writing. So you can kill two birds with one stone - give a gift and get benefits for your business in the long-run.

7. Instagram for Business Online Course - 9$

The conditions of the pandemic are forcing almost all areas of the business to go online and promote their products and services on social media platforms. However, why to look for a new Instagram specialist when you can train your entire staff to do this?

With the help of this coupon, you will give a useful gift not only to your employees but also get real benefits for your business since Instagram is quite a great place to promote your business in 2022, stay in touch with your users, gather their reviews and come up with affordable marketing strategies.

8. Personalized Flip Sequin Christmas Stocking -  9,99$

Is there anybody who doesn't love New Year's accessories and decor? This coupon allows you to create a personalized Christmas sock for your employees. This is a great New Year's gift that will be appropriate for every employee since everyone is still a child deep in the soul. And a personalized gift is a sign of attention and respect from the company’s leadership. It is enough just to add a name to such a sock, and it will already be a pleasant surprise for everyone.

9. Personalized Glass Major Jar  - 5$

Giving a cup to employees is already something familiar and common in the office. Today, such a gift becomes a little hackneyed, but why not take a personalized approach? This coupon allows you to order such a festive cup with a name or initials. As with the previous option, this approach will demonstrate the importance and respect that makes this type of gift a win-win option. Well, this cup is also suitable for any specialist, regardless of age.

10. Online Diet for Beauty and Health 5$

Do you have a purely female team and do not know what to give them? Many people think that gifts for women are a difficult task, but with this coupon, you can solve this problem in a few clicks. Most girls will be pleased to find out some more beauty and slimming insights. This coupon includes an hour-long lecture on nutrition and beauty. Every woman will be happy with such a gift, regardless of her position and age.

The Final Words

As you can see, corporate gift ideas are quite diverse. You can please your team with Christmas theme gifts, or you can get benefits for your business with the help of online courses presented as a gift. Focus on your team and choose what works best for them.

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