TreeHouse Supplies - CHETCO COMBO ZIP LINE KIT - ONE HARNESS - 100', 150' OR 200'

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The Chetco Zip Line Combo Kit takes all of the elements of the Chetco Zip Line Kit and adds a 20' Boa Bungee brake System! If you want more excitement and adrenaline out of your Chetco Zip Line ride without compromising the safety, the Chetco Zip Line Combo Kit is all that and more!

Features Include:

  • High speed ball bearing wheels.
  • Integrated handlebar design.
  • 1/4" cable (7000lb breaking strength).
  • 350lb safe working load limit.


Note: We recommend you purchase a zip line kit length with at least 10' of additional cable to compensate for cable sag, measuring error, and to allow for some cable to wrap around one of the anchor points. For example, a 100' length kit will work well for any distance 90' or less. If the distance of your run is over 90' you should choose the next size up e.g. 150' or 200'.

Order a tensioning kit with your Chetco Zip Line kit, return it after installation and we'll give you a 75% refund!

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