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Last Updated: 11-August-2020

Founded by a group of creative ideas, Pure Wine is a shop that includes all their enthusiasm for each product to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for quality, design, and variety of choices. They provide many sections to help you shop with no hassles, including quick search, ѕtоrеwіѕе division оf рrоduсtѕ, trending deals and so much more. Pure Wine's goal is to provide you with the most modern, economical, and most profitable consumer solutions so you don't have to struggle with your budget. At Pure Wine, they offer customers a complete and wide range of best coupons and deals including online Pure Wine coupon codes, іn-coupon, рrіntаblе coupons, special dеаlѕ, рrоmосоdеѕ and so much more. You can also use discounts on their platform in a few clicks for all your order to save even more money for some certain items here. The coupons here are also available for special off on such occasions like Halloween Sales or more coupons for events so you can save an endless amount of money when it comes time for you to apply these amazing Pure Wine discounts. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the amazing shopping experience at Pure Wine right now. In addition, if you're student shopping on Couponupto, you will have a chance to win the scholarship rewards.

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Yes, you must have a valid Pure Wine account in order to buy an item at the Pure Wine site and use your coupon. During the process of buying an item on our site, you can use your Pure Wine account to see more of our services.

Most Big Discount Events of the year witness a vast number of coupons from Pure Wine released. Especially, on federal holidays such as New Year’s DayThanksgivingChristmas... or on other important days such Valentine’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day..., customers also can buy at Pure Wine with numerous coupons.

There is no certain number for the frequency of releasing coupons from Pure Wine. But, most of the time, there will be at least one available. Special Discount Days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Back to School... come with many coupons most.

All deals from Promotion Programs of Pure Wine are collected here. For each certain occasion, its coupons will be on the top of the coupon list, and surely they always come with expiry date.

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About PureWine

Pure Wine - A Cup



PureWine company was founded in 2014 by a father and son team, Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek. 

Both father and son suffered from wine headaches and experienced allergic reactions to red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

But, like true scientists, they didn’t suffer in silence — they set out to understand the problem and to solve it.

Together, father and son spent two years in the laboratory looking for a solution to the side effects of wine. The ‘Eureka moment’ came one day in the lab when David and Derek found the precise means to selectively remove histamines and sulfites without otherwise changing the chemistry of wine.

That’s how PureWine was created.


This is Magic!

“OMG!!!! This works. I love wine but have terrible allergies to the histamines, sulfites, and preservatives in wine. I actually use one wand for two glasses of wine. I was very skeptical, but it works like a dream! Thank you PureWine. This is really a breakthrough for me.” by Penny Froh


Bye Bye swelling and headache

“These are GREAT! I was having red wine hangovers even with just a glass or two. I stopped drinking red wine. I even got a food allergy test which came back negative for red wine allergy which means it’s the sulfates and allergens in the wine. I use the same PureWine Wand twice as other users. I put in about 6 ounces of wine and let the wand soak for 3 minutes (yea I set the timer). I did read the entire booklet and here is the information: in about 3 minutes about 50% of the allergens/sulfates are one BUT if you wait 8 minutes almost 100% are gone. So depending on your sensitivity you may get away with one wand for 2 glasses at 3 minutes each or so. OR you may need one wand for the full 8 minutes. I have noticed some wines taste different AFTER the wand. Yes, I tasted it. Some wines it is more pronounced than others. Just like most things in life: Do you want to drink the wine and suffer later? Or Do you want to drink the wine and feel A-OK? I know my choice. Which is why I have bought them multiple times :)” by Jennifer M. Hilton



Magic wands!!

“I will admit, I was a bit skeptical before I purchased these. My boyfriend has never been able to drink wine due to an allergy to the sulfites. He has tried several time over the years with both red wine and white wine but after one taste he would begin to get itchy and wheezy so I'd give him a Benadryl and take his glass away before we had more severe issues. I have always been a wine drinker and recently moved to San Francisco and have been thoroughly enjoying living so close to Napa and Sonoma. I decided there had to be a solution so that he could enjoy some of the amazing bottles I had purchased during my last girls' weekend trip to Napa Valley. Google and Amazon did not disappoint. These wands are super easy to use and we have been able to enjoy multiple bottles of wine together with no reactions! I can even tell that it aerates very well and helps bring out some of the flavors when I would compare our glasses to each other. I would definitely recommend!!” by Amanda Taylor


Works as advertised

“I have to tell you that I was extremely skeptical regardless of the number of positive reviews. I had been suffering from allergy-like symptoms. It was only after coming across an ad for wine filters that I made the connection on what could possibly be the root cause. So I decided what the heck, give it the shot. I am so glad I did. The difference has been unbelievable. No allergy symptoms, no hangover, just enjoyment. Do yourself a favor and try them.” by Darrell H.


So thrilled

“Love these! The one thing that sets them above all others is that they take care of Histamines and sulfites.

What a difference these have made in my life. With my allergies, it was impossible to enjoy a glass, or two of wine without nasty side effects: Stuffy nose, red face, and headaches. Now I can have a glass of wine and not have to dart to a package of Benadryl! Makes a great gift. Even thinking of splitting a box into stocking stuffers. Each wand is individually wrapped. Have purchased these several times and will continue to do so.” by KellyH



Things you would love at PureWine









How to get active PureWine promo code and have the products at the best price

“Couponing doesn’t make you cheap, it makes you smart”. Before checking out any item online, make sure that you go to coupon providers like a blog, social media network, coupons websites, and through their affiliate channels.

All you have to do to be able to use the coupons for discounts from PureWine is to simply go on our website and follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go to our website and find PureWine
  2. Copy all the latest Coupons/promotional codes & Discount codesor click to the deal you want to use; the site will automatically turn to
  3. At the PureWine’s Website, choose the product you want to buy
  4. Proceed to payment but REMEMBER to PASTE the discount/promotional code before finalizing the purchase

Why use discounts, deal, and coupon code from our Website

If you are on a budget but still want to buy your favorite products or the products that you like is so expensive that you find it hard to afford. Then is the right choice.

Our website works with thousands of stores from all around the world, we provide coupons, discount codes up to 99%. It is very likely that you will be able to find your favorite goods here; ranging from food, furniture, medical supply, etc.

All you have to do is search for the name of the store you want to get Coupons, the website will list out all of the available coupons for you. A small fact about is that we always put the latest with the highest coupon code on the top of the site. Therefore, our website is very friendly and efficient to use.


People also ask


No.  PureWine products do not alter in any way the distinctive flavor compounds and unique “terroir” (a French term to describe the soil, climate, weather, etc. that is unique to every vineyard and area where grapes are grown) that give the wine its unique taste, aroma, and color.



The Wave™ and The Wand™ work on all red and white wines. The Wand™ also works with rosé wines and sparkling wine, such as champagne or prosecco, but the stirring action may cause them to lose their effervescence more quickly if used beyond the recommended 3-8 minutes.



Both The Wave™ and The Wand™ are single-use products. One Wave will filter and aerate an entire bottle of wine. One Wand will filter a single 6-ounce glass of wine. This usage will ensure the most effective removal of histamines and sulfites. Effectiveness can be significantly decreased if The Wave is used for more than one bottle, or if a Wand is used for more than one glass of wine.



The patented filtration technology in both The Wave™ and The Wand™ works without adding chemicals to your wine, making the products safe, reliable, and effective. The filters in The Wave™ and The Wand™ have been tested according to FDA standards, and are manufactured with food-grade-quality, BPA-free components.



The Wave™ is made of bio-renewable plastic and can be recycled once you have removed the filter that is inside the top housing.  Just gently pry the housing apart to remove the filter.  The housing and stem and air tube go in the recycling and the filter goes in the trash.

The handles of The Wand™ are made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic and are 100% recyclable; just remove the filter from the handle and place the handle in the recycling.  The contents of the filter are not recyclable – they are resin beads that contain the absorbed histamines and sulfites – but you can dispose of the filter safely in the trash.



The top housing, stem, and air tube of The Wave™, as well as the handle of The Wand™, are made from BPA-free, food-grade plastics. The filters contain absorbent beads made from nano-pore™ resins that absorb histamines and sulfites without releasing any chemicals. Nothing goes into the wine when it is filtered.



Our products are proudly made in the U.S. All components are sourced in the U.S. and all manufacturing takes place in FDA compliant facilities.


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