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Berkey Filters USA Questions & Answers

🎯 What is big Berkey water filter?
Big Berkey Water Filters, known for superb value for money, makes one-stop-shopping simple and affordable. Attain great savings with this Big Berkey Water Filters promotion code 16% off. Save both time and money. MORE+ Try discounts on Big Berkey Water Filters shopping to save money on any purchase when adding code to your cart.
🎓 Are black Berkey filters reliable?
The cleanable Black Berkey replacement filters provide an economical, reliable and powerful long-term solution to poor water quality issues that cannot be equaled. Our most popular model, the Big Berkey has a long-standing reputation for quality and service.
🤝🏻 How much does a black Berkey water filter cost?
Berkey water costs just 1.7 cents per gallon to produce. The cleanable Black Berkey replacement filters provide an economical, reliable and powerful long-term solution to poor water quality issues that cannot be equaled. Our most popular model, the Big Berkey has a long-standing reputation for quality and service.
💼 Does a Berkey filter need electricity?
The Berkey Filter doesn't need electricity and it doesn't need any household plumbing. It is simple, it's reliable and it works when you need it the most. Your take a pitcher, fill the top chamber and pure, clean water is delivered to the lower chamber.

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Berkey Filters USA Reviews

Buy or not? The common question of customers when considering whether to choose Berkey Filters USA or not. The best way to get the answer is to learn from reviews of others.
You may be confused because of Berkey Filters USA's popularity or for its attractive discounts, however, it's not enough to make you buy there.
Take advantage of the reviews collected below.

 · Berkey Water Filter Review. Berkey is a portable water filter that can be easily moved around the house. The filtration is performed inside the stainless steel container itself once you fill it up with tap water. It uses gravity to force the water to pass through the filtration cartridge which will be stored in the storage tank. Berkey Features
$9.99 shipping for Berkey Systems in Continental US - $5.99 for small items. Call (888) 688-0858 for assistance
I bought the 2&1/4 gallon Berkey water purification unit on 9-30-11. The unit along with the 2 black purification filters and the 2 PF-2 Fluoride filters cost me $282.10.
 · The Big Berkey’s manufacturer, New Millennium Concepts, claims that the filter can remove more than a hundred contaminants, 1 far more than other gravity-fed filters …
Berkey water filter systems are actually water purifiers because they remove bacteria and viruses that conventional filters cannot. The Global Standard in Water Filters With our powerful all-natural filtration method across six sizes, it's official there's a Berkey Water Filter for everyone.
 · Berkey water filters are available in different sizes. You can choose from the 1.5 gallons (Travel Berkey) to 6 gallons (Crown Berkey). The filtering capacity of each of the Berkey filters is up to 3000 gallons. The majority of other water filters available on the market offer much less than this.
Pros and Cons of the Berkey Water Filter System-My Complete Review . What Is a Berkey Water Filter? Berkey water filters are a non-electric, portable, gravity-fed water filtering system that filter 99.9% of contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, environmental pollutants, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals from our water supply.
Berkey USA #1 Authorized Berkey Water Filter Dealer Offering: Life Time Berkey Warranty,Manufacturing Direct Shipping, 877-280-5312, Fast Shipping,Berkey Sale, Made In USA,Lowest Prices, Super Customer Service. Selling Big Berkey, Royal Berkey,Travel Berkey & Black Berkey Filters and More
Get the USA Berkey Filters lifetime warranty on nearly every Berkey system, part & component we sell. Find out more. About Us. is the #1 Trusted distributor of the Berkey® water filtration system. We carry complete water filtration systems, replacement filters, parts and accessories.
4) When Berkey USA disclosed the shipping and billing address -- it was clear that Berkey USA had an improper billing address (yet billed us for the full payment of $405) a Read More Customer Reviews
Filters have a separate warranty. This Exclusive Lifetime warranty exists in addition to all other stated warranties on Berkey Systems. To take advantage of your lifetime warranty on Berkey canisters, spigots, washers, or wing nuts, contact us at 877-886-3653. If possible, please have your receipt handy.
Read these reviews of Berkey Water Filters here. ... Our Black Berkey Filters are made in the USA. Berkey systems can efficiently purify ordinary tap water and well water, yet are powerful enough to efficiently purify raw, untreated water from sources such as remote lakes and streams. Our portable, gravity-fed Berkey system can provide an ...
 · A Berkey water filter system reduces way too many contaminants to list. For starters, though, it works on sediment and rust as well as all kinds of organic and inorganic contaminants like bacteria and viruses, parasites, cysts, heavy metals, radiological contaminants, and chemicals. It also eliminates bad tastes and smells.. The Black Berkey water filters remove both chlorine and chloramine.
 · These are the five reasons why I chose a Berkey water filter, as well as the tips and tricks that I want to pass on to you, if you are considering one. 1. Berkey removes contaminants including fluoride Popular filters like Brita Filters may improve the taste of water, but offer no use when it comes to removing harmful pollutants and toxins in tap water. Berkey water filters remove: Chlorine ...
A letter From Berkey Water. At Berkey, we understand that choosing the right water filter for you and your family can be a daunting task. Made in the USA, Berkey Water Filters are the gold standard of gravity filtration, thanks to their long established reputation in the industry combined with their outstanding filtration test results.
Berkey water filter reviews have returned largely positive reports of using the Go Berkey. The device uses the same innovative filtration technology as the larger units, and effectively removes a huge range of contaminants. Its filters are strong enough to treat water from streams and rivers while out in nature – making this a great choice ...
 · Over the past couple of years, we have talked about various types of water filters, and there seems to be one brand that is mentioned ad nauseam, and that is the Berkey, and sometimes the Lifestraw. For this article, we will be talking about the Berkey and its relationship with preppers / survivalist. Before we begin, let's take a few minutes and describe how a Berkey filters water.
Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System with 2 Black Berkey Elements and 2 Fluoride Filters at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.
We are Berkey Water USA, Your authorized dealer for Berkey Water Filter Systems , Berkey Water Filters and Berkey Parts & Accessories. Visit
Lifetime Warranty by USA Berkey Filters. Our Exclusive Lifetime warranty for Berkey Water Filtration Systems ensures replacement of all Berkey canisters, spigots, washers, and wing nuts that fail due to faulty materials or workmanship. These items may be returned to us and we will send you new replacement items.
$9.99 shipping for Berkey Systems in Continental US - $5.99 for small items. Call (888) 688-0858 for assistance
The product was faulty due to the filters taking around 12 hours for one chamber of clean water. Berkey's customer service was shocking, they lied about trying to call me then stopped all contact via email, insisting that I call them in the USA to get a replacement, which I would also have to pay an admin fee for.
When it comes to portable or in-home water, it can’t come from a more trustworthy source than Berkey Filters, which has been leading the way in purification for many years. Its portable range includes filters large and small, including the Travel Berkey and the Go Berkey Kit. For home and emergency uses, Berkey offers tanks up to 6 gallons.
The reason why you want a water filter is to get contaminants out, right? The Berkey systems include a set of “black” carbon filters, as well as the option to filter out fluoride with their PF-2 filter. Want to see how the Berkey compares to other household filters? Check out …
 · The filters are made in the USA. ... AlexaPure vs Berkey Filter. ... It’s a quality product that also provides good customer service according to verified customer reviews. Why The Berkey Might Be Better? The AlexaPure is sometimes referred to as a Big Berkey BK4X2 knockoff.
Berkey Water Filter and Purifiers offering a lifetime Berkey Warranty, Manufacturing Direct Shipping & Made In USA. Superb customer service (888) 330-9593
 · Timeline of interactions with Berkey. 3/5 Ordered a Berkey Royal plus a stand and 2 fluoride filters (and 2 shower filters). $454.06. 3/9 Our Berkey dealer from the group buy notified us that the Royal was on backorder so we needed to upgrade (or downgrade) so we upgraded to an Imperial. $22. 3/22 Picked up Berkey system
On the fence about purchasing a Berkey Water Filter? Check out some of the reviews above from our highly satisfied customers. The choice is crystal clear. Each Berkey Water system comes equipped with a pair of Black Berkey Filters. The Black Berkey filters remove over 200 contaminants, all the while leaving the beneficial minerals in your water ...
 · In this Berkey water filter review, we will discuss the key features, pros & cons and why it was banned in the two states. Big Berkey Water Filter Overview. Berkey is a portable water filter that can be easily moved around the house. The filtration is performed inside the stainless steel container itself once you fill it up with tap water.
 · …Even More Reasons To LOVE The Berkey Water Filter. Berkey was rated #1 at removing contaminants in 2014 by Natural News Water Filter Labs. Berkey filters exceed ANSI/EPA NSF standards for filtration. This means that they are considered to be water purifiers (not just water filters).
 · The Berkey filters appeared on the market in the late 1990s. The company was founded by a small family in a farming community. They started their water filter production with the Big Berkey model and gradually expanded their line of products for different water filtration needs. Since then Berkey filters have been widely used worldwide in clean ...
 · Propur Countertop Water Filter. The Propur countertop water filter is one that works via gravity and is a popular Berkey alternative. It contains two stacked containers together and they work when you pour water into the upper part. The water then flows down to work through the filters.
Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Travel Berkey Water Filter with 2 Black Berkey Filters and 2 PF2 Fluoride Filters at Read honest and unbiased product reviews …
Berkey Water Filter Systems do not require electricity, so if you find yourself in an emergency situation you will still have access to clean water. With a top-notch customer service team and over 14,000 reviews , you can rest assured that you're getting a quality product that is going to last for years to come.
 · If the Berkey still seems good to you, the Big Berkey with Black filters is likely the best of the bunch. It includes stainless steel housing (Upper, Lower, Lid and spigot), 2 Black Berkey Filters, and 2 Fluoride Elements. The Big Berkey holds 2.25 gallons of purified water and is ideal for home use for 4 …
Berkey Flouride Water Filters: Different from the Black Berkey Filters, these filters remove fluoride and aresenic from the water. We've heard folks say that the Berkey does a fine job without these additional filters, but since our water is always changing out on the road, we opted to add them to our system.
Pore size, cool barriers, and gravity filtration are 3 key factors that make Berkey go above and beyond its competitors Pore Size. The matrix of microscopic pores in their water filters are so teeny tiny that pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, sediment, and sedimentary minerals are completely blocked.. Any water contaminants that are tiny enough to pass through the pores are captured ...
Big Berkey®️ Water Filter. Our top-selling model, the Big Berkey®️ water purification system is a stainless steel wonder, removing an unbelievable range of harmful chemicals, metals, plastics and other contaminants from nearly any source of water. Suitable for a household of four, the Big Berkey®️ has a storage capacity of roughly 2.25 gallons (8.5 liters), but packs up to a height of ...
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