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Which Stores Have the Best Black Friday Deals This Year?

In 2022, Black Friday is not a day or a specific sale, it’s going to be an entire season of shopping, and we are here to help you in saving some legit bucks.

Wondering which stores have the best Black Friday deals in 2022? That’s exactly what we are going to cover in this article, along with a few additional tips and tricks for the best Black Friday Deals.

What to Expect on Black Friday 2022?

Before we get to the list of brands and stores that have the best Black Friday deals – we have to understand how Black Friday is going to work this year. It’s not going to be a one-day sale, rather for most of the brands and shops – especially the giant retail markets, it’s going to be a month-long sale session.

It’s going to start with pre-Black Friday deals, then move to Black Friday flash sales and weekend sales before finally getting to the real big sale.

Brand and shops have to do this to make sure they don’t face any shipment issues and their deliveries are run very smoothly without any additional rush.

Which Stores Have the Best Black Friday Deals in 2022?

Stores with Best Black Friday Deals

Let’s get to the meaty part – exactly which brands are going to have the best deals. Well, we will go from the top-most shops and markets, and mover to smaller ones.


It goes without saying, but Amazon is going to have a great variety of deals because they have almost everything in their store. The sales have already started, and you can expect huge doorbuster discount packages too.


Target’s pre-Black Friday sales are going to go live from the 16th of October. They will stay active till the big Black Friday sale on the 26th of November – then we will also have the Target Cyber Monday sales. Sweet, right? Target is already offering up to 50% off their home appliances and small regular-use items. Just imagine how big they are planning to go.


Walmart is known to go all-out on their sales and end up making record-making and breaking sales. We can expect something similar this year too. Last they had mobile accessories like ear pods going up to 90% off, and this year is not going to be any different.


Another giant brand is known for its amazing sales, especially its doorbuster deals. The doorbuster deals are usually not very good in quality, but their real sale is always fine. Macy'ss Black Friday of 2022 will start from November 24th and will stay live till November 28th after which Cyber Monday will start.

You can expect up to 65% off on fashion accessories like bags and jewelry.


We all know what’s great about Kohl’s and this year all that greatness will be available on huge sales. Kohl’s is known for its quality and guarantee with products and fine customer experience along with a smooth delivery experience. You can expect their products to get a 50% above discount on a massive scale. You can shop in stores and online, al thought the shops will be closed on Thanksgiving but will be open on Black Friday. Still, I would recommend that you actually go and shop online before the stock runs out.

Best Buy

If you are looking to buy a TV, LED, quality headphones, or a nice laptop for yourself – Best Buy is where you should make the purchase. They are going to target only these sorts of products on their Black Friday sales, with huge cash discounts.


Dell is going to give off special $250 off on their quality laptops if you shop from them directly. The point of mentioning them here is that if you are buying a laptop from Amazon or Best Buy – make sure you actually run an evaluation to see where you getting the best deal.


Overstock is going to focus on furniture this year, with over a 70% discounted rate. So, if you are looking to buy furniture or things related to that – Overstock is where you should check-in. Amazon and Walmart also have good deals on furniture, but I’d go with a brand that’s focusing on a specific niche.

Additional Discounts on Black Friday

If you are looking for a pro shopping tip – then heed this, never shop from a brand or store without first checking if they have any active coupons. Sometimes, you can save even more than Black Friday sales through the right coupons and discount codes. For example, you can get up to 80% off on Target with these coupons.


Make sure you have an open eye while shopping, having a list and sticking to it is very important. What would be the point of saving $500 if you buy a product that you are not even gonna use with that money? Be strategy. Hope this article answers which stores have the best Black Friday deals in 2022.

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