Top 7 Halloween costume ideas for couples

You're not going to Halloween alone, you're going with someone, and are you looking for a Halloween costume for couple? We'll help you search but ideas to get stylish formed Couples Halloween costume impressive, perfect.

With the ways of shaping that have been known below, you only need simple makeup, not too sophisticated, not scary but still leave a unique impression for this Halloween.

Couples costumes featured

Create Robin and Batman characters on Halloween night

With Robin and Batman characters, you pay attention to the costumes rather than the elaborate makeup, the costumes, and the mask are the highlight for these two characters to make you stand out. This will also be a way to create a Halloween image for the couple that stands out in the middle of this masquerade night. Surely your boyfriend or girlfriend will show interest in this costume. Especially for Batman, he will be attracted by the handsome and elegant masculinity as well as the mystery with the main color being black. 

Make a sexy doctor and nurse for the couple participating in Halloween

Shaping a sexy nurse is also very common at masquerade festivals, with the image of a sexy nurse and a handsome doctor, you will be a talented couple of the upcoming Halloween festival. Surely this is an extremely sexy and bold makeup idea for couples. The costumes of the nurse and the doctor are very easy to find and disguise. You will probably have more time to get more ideas to create accents for these 2 outfits.

Create a strong and rebellious rock style for the couple participating in Halloween

Create a strong and rebellious rock style for the couple participating in Halloween

This will be an attractive suggestion for couples who love strong, passionate, and very rebellious rock music, very "quality". You can have extra ideas like bringing an electric guitar or drum accessory. This idea will probably create a craze on Halloween night!

Greek King and Queen style for couples entering Halloween night

With an elegant yet outstanding style, a King and Queen of Greece will become the outstanding couple on Halloween night, it will be very impressive and memorable for such a perfect couple. . This is a great idea for couples who love prominence and power. With a crown, necklace and bracelets, a set of clothes and a little makeup, the two of you will stand out from the crowd with this outfit.

Create a funny pair of yellow bees to participate in Halloween

The shape of these two golden bees is really funny, lovely and extremely outstanding. This way of shaping will make it difficult for you to get lost in the middle of a bustling Halloween night. For those of you who love cute and active, this is an easy idea for you. With the makeup of the golden vultures, the yellow bee, with the main color being yellow. This couple will be extremely outstanding on Halloween night. Moreover, you can coordinate the entire outfit for one main color, which is gold glasses, yellow bows, yellow gloves, and yellow shoes. The 2 of you will really be the center of Halloween counting that everyone must pay attention to.

Tony And Pepper

Tony And Pepper

One thing is for sure, Marvel fans will want to be Iron Man on Halloween.

Then why not? The idea of dressing up as Tony and Pepper is a great idea, isn't it? However, you need to prepare a cool Iron Man suit to impress others. And if you want to rent such a cool set, the cost is quite expensive. However, if you can find yourself special discount codes, or promotions at CouponUpto, you will get a very reasonable price.

With a cool costumes like Iron man, you will definitely attract special attention from the crowd, prepare special accessories such as rockets on your shoulders, arms, and calves. If your mask can be removed and put on by itself, that's great. You can order Iron man accessories at Amazon, and don't forget to search for coupons at Couponupto to get the best price.

Natasha and Bruce - Avengers: Age of Ultron

For guys who have a beautiful, muscular and muscular body, but for girls with a fiery, beautiful body, this is an idea not to be missed. With a little green paint, you can easily transform into the big guy Hulk - the green giant. Girls can dress up as Natasha, with a pair of black tight pants, accompanied by accessories such as guns, darts, or knives. This is a great and perfect idea for couples who have a great body. Everyone will be in awe of this version of your makeup. What are you waiting for, get your butt up and get going?


Above are the Top 7 Halloween costume ideas for couples. We hope couples will find ideas that work for them for Halloween and don't forget to visit our website to search for special Halloween Sale discount codes.


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