Top 5 Fun Board Games for Family Gathering on New Year's Eve

whole family playing Fun Board Games on New Year's Eve

Board Games are played all across the world in different forms and genres. Humans have been playing all sorts of tabletop games for ages. It has been a fun part of everyone’s childhood before video games came into existence. They are an amazing way to socialize and can be played with absolutely anybody (even strangers and people who don’t speak a common language).

It is an exciting way to bring people of all ages together for some quality time. However, most popular board games are now available in the form of applications and can be played on smartphones. But playing them face to face with the family and friends with all the teasing and drama has its charm.

Let me tell you the reason why you should play board games regularly. They help in building creativity, imagination, and strategizing skills. They boost confidence and can be a very fun learning experience for the kids. It can also help re-connect with children who are often lost in gadgets these days. Whereas for adults, it can be a way to let loose all the stress and have some healthy entertainment.

Planning a game night with the family can be a great party idea. It is an eco-friendly, exciting, and peaceful way to bring in the New Year. Nothing can be more relaxing than spending New Year’s Eve with your near and dear ones from the comfort of your home.

Here is a list of the top 5 classic board games that will be a sure hit for your upcoming family gathering on New Year’s Eve.

1. Monopoly

monopoly board game

Monopoly is a thrilling game that includes trading properties and developing them in thriving hotels and houses. It is played between a minimum of two players to the maximum number of tokens available in the box. The more, the merrier. The player moves its token with the roll of the dice.

Each player pays taxes while crossing the other's property. The aim is to drive other players into bankruptcy by charging rents and taxes. Thus, derives its name 'monopoly,' which means market domination by a single entity.

Monopoly has several editions and versions specific to different parts of the world and themes. It is a guaranteed blockbuster at the family gatherings and will make sure the playful banter never dies.

2. Scrabble

Scrabble game

Scrabble is a game for two to four players where each player scores points for creating a letter on a 15x15 grid game board. Letters or words should be formed using the alphabet tiles so that when read from left to right or downwards, they form a word from the English dictionary or lexicon.

The premium tiles marked with different color award multiplied points. 98 out of 100 tiles are marked with points from 1 to 10, and two tiles are blank and offer no points. Alphabet Q and z offer 10 points as they are rarely used in common words.

Scrabble is a sure shot to making learning cool for the kids. This will enhance their vocabulary and will ensure they have enjoyable moments with the family. As well as for the adults, it can get pretty gripping and captivating. With some tweaks in the rules and a little bit of chafing, it can be even more amusing.

3. Chess

men playing chess

Chess is known as the most brilliant board game ever designed. It was originated from Asian countries by different names but similar idea. It is played on an 8x8 checkered chessboard, which has 64 squares. It is played between two players with 16 pieces each. These 16 pieces include eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, one king, and one queen. All of which have different moves.

Chess requires a lot of concentration, strategy, and brainpower. It is a well-known fact that playing chess stimulates the brain and sharpens the memory. It deepens the focus and promotes creativity. So if you are looking for something intense and competitive, host a chess tournament is the way to go.

4. Ludo

family playing ludo

It is one of the oldest games there ever exists. It is popular all over the world and is known by different names across different nations. It is known to be played by Indian kings and queens in ancient times by Pachisi or Chaupar. It is printable and has four houses (red, yellow, green, and blue). It can be played between two to four players (even six in some formats).

It involves building a strategy and focus. The players need to move their four tokens according to the roll of the dice. The player who can take all four tokens to the goal first wins the game.

Ludo got its revival during the 2020 pandemic when everyone was stuck at home and looked for some online trivia to kill time. It was a rage among people of all ages. Hence, if you are looking for something nostalgic and fun, then ludo is a no-brainer.

5. Sequence

Sequence board game

If you want the fun of both cards and board games combined into one, then sequence is the game for you. Two to twelve players can play the game at once, divided into a team of two or three (depending on the number). It is played using a board, 135 poker chips (50 blue, 50 green, and 35 red), and a two full standard deck of cards.

Players need to form 2 rows horizontally, vertically, or diagonally with 5 chips in each row to win the game. This game's difficulty level increases with the number of players as they create more and more hurdles in your sequence. However, along with difficulty, entertainment also increases ten folds.

In conclusion 

These classic board games are usually found in most households and certainly feel attached to the nostalgia. Don't forget to revisit the childhood this New Year’s Eve with these favorites and have a blast with your family and friends.