The Must Haves For A Perfect 2021 Wardrobe

Minimalism in 2020 can be viewed as the proverbial inciting incident affecting the style of one's wardrobe – a trend that is expected to last into 2021 as well, seeing that we are likely to spend less time flaunting our outfits in social environments. But adopting a more economically responsible way of shopping for clothes is always a sign of personal growth, so we might be onto something here, making the best of the hand we were dealt with. 

This is a sort of dietary regime among one's garments, which certainly helps to bring out only certain essential garments, with which you can generate so many looks, suitable for every occasion, which yours whether at the office, at a party or at the grocery store. You will realize that it is not necessary to have a clothing store in your home, to create an extraordinary personal collection. Here are the essentials you need, to start building a wardrobe for perfect outfits for any occasion

Posturally-friendly underwear

A trendier take on shaping underwear, postural undergarments like posture corrector bra is a step towards a healthier you. Fashion and elegance meet health in bras designed to help you keep you back upright and your shoulders aligned, all while giving your bust a serious lift and relieving your back pain – what’s not to love? 

Men's shirt

If you are looking for a shirt to wear well, rummage through your man's closet. Yes, you read that correctly. A buttoned white shirt is essential for a large wardrobe. Fully buttoned for work, unhooked three or four buttons and you're ready to go to town. It's easy to see why even the style experts have focused on this wardrobe item.

Men's shirt

Basic colour tops and tank tops

Introduce some tops that add some colour, as well as owning a basic white tank top, black tank top, and black long-sleeved top. Layer it up on your posture corrector bra that works with any kind of tops, and you will make an accent on genuine elegance that comes from your body confidence translated through a dramatic improvement in the way you hold your back and chin. A winner all around!


Two or three blouses, fitted or baggy, ranging from classic and timeless black, white and a pair of blouses, one in the colour you love and the other in a "trendy" colour. Just because you might want to create a wardrobe, which can be worn a thousand times, doesn't mean your clothes have to be boring or neutral.

Leather jacket

If you intend to significantly match the number of clothes you own, you would do well to keep your garments as versatile as possible. In this way, you can create a wide variety of dresses by simply mixing and matching. A leather jacket, from classic black, to white/ice, red or brown, you can't miss out on. Owning a leather jacket is a must, even if you prefer it in a particular colour, it adds an extra touch and versatility to any outfit. Does not have to be real leather, but if you go for imitation, make sure to get something in good quality that lasts you for years.

Leather jacket


While a classic leather jacket is a must, it is not the only outerwear recommended for owning in 2021. A "fitted blazer" is the "best investment your wardrobe could ask for. It's so versatile: wear it with a suit, worn with jeans and a white t-shirt, over the shoulders on top of your evening gown. Works on just about everything. Always choose a blazer, made with a high quality fabric and one that best suits your body type. After all, it never goes out of style.

A pair of legendary jeans

Although denim pants were originally invented for miners in the late 1800s, jeans have since become an everyday item. You can't go wrong with skinny black jeans. A good pair of black jeans is a great way to get a higher look while staying comfortable. What if you prefer old-fashioned blue jeans? This works too. High-waisted, low-waisted, ripped, cheap or expensive, everyone needs it. Like diamonds, jeans are forever.

A pair of black pants

Even if you own a pair of black jeans, you will also want a pair of dark non-denim pants in your wardrobe. Black pants are timeless, buy them quality: black tropical wool pants, for example, will cost a little more at first, but will last longer and you will probably end up saving money, as they will not wear out and therefore will have to be replaced.

A pair of black pants

A maxi skirt and Co.

It's not just the pants, they should have a special place in your closet, a big full skirt can be a versatile item to own. A full and / or pleated skirt is the perfect solution for that mood, halfway between the desire to wear trousers and a dress. Although maxi skirts can certainly be versatile, midis could be even more so. While it can be assumed that they are a summer staple, mid-length skirts are actually great all year round. When it's cold, you can combine them with tights or ankle boots. You can even wear them over other dresses or jeans if you wish. They work with just about anything.

The sheath dress

Created in 1926 by Mademoiselle, the little black dress has not lost a pinch of its glamour over the years. A versatile dress, comfortable and practical to wear, able to make women feel at ease. The little black dress has been re-proposed in a thousand different versions. It is cut in a thousand ways, declined in a thousand fabrics, more or less simple, more or less long or short. Since it is a basic garment in the wardrobe, you should choose it so that it harmonizes best with your body, highlighting your strengths and masking problem zones, moreover, perhaps played down with denim, leather in the outerwear and an ankle boot.