Real estate marketing strategies and their benefits

To begin with, it is important to note that real estate marketing is applied through techniques and strategies aimed at facilitating the commercialization of real estate, either for sale or for rent. For this, it is proposed:

  • man holds symbol of idea and growth for real estate marketing strategies
  • Know the needs of consumers.
  • Present the product or properties in a way that is recognized by potential clients.
  • Position the brand or business offering.

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With the above you can already deduce that the main benefit will be to get your portfolio of goods and services to be commercialized. However, we can break down this great benefit of real estate marketing into the following:

Achieve brand positioning, both in the cases of real estate companies and in those of independent professionals.

  • Increase visibility in front of potential customers.
  • Streamline business real estate transactions.
  • Reduce time in the sales funnel.
  • Minimize the effort of real estate agents.
  • Optimize commercial management.

Why apply real estate marketing strategies?

The main motivation why today companies and professionals turn their efforts to real estate marketing is because with this it is possible to increase productivity in the business.

As William A. Cohen mentions in his book "The Marketing Plan" : "All companies need marketing to be successful . " Of course, this includes businesses in the real estate sector.

And it is that, although real estate marketing, like marketing in all sectors, does not deal directly with selling, if it projects all its strategies to facilitate the commercialization of real estate and optimize processes so that the work in sales is more cash.

Real estate marketing strategies

Now, to achieve this, it is necessary for real estate marketing strategies to evolve with the market, and in this it is vital to take into account the trend towards technology and the use of the internet. Therefore, to be successful in your real estate business you not only have to have a marketing plan, you also have to add digital to the equation.

real estate agent points out ideas of digital real estate marketing strategies

According to what was revealed by Blue World CIty , a portal specialized in business training and management, in one of its recent articles, 81% of real estate buyers use the Internet as a source of information .

This is precisely why our 5 strategies are focused on taking advantage of all the opportunities that the internet and its different tools provide us with.



1. Website

Right in the job of gaining visibility and getting those customers who need what you offer know that you exist, having a website is very useful.

Both large companies and independent real estate agents can have a website in which the portfolio of services and products is presented and two-way communication between clients, consumers and bidders is facilitated.

In order for this site to achieve its mission, it must have:

  • Own domain.
  • Personalized design and faithful to the identity of your brand.
  • Easy to use and intuitive.
  • With responsive design to be viewed from any mobile device.
  • Optimized for search engines like Google.
  • Self-administered.

2. Presence in social networks

Social Media is a strategy by which most companies and entrepreneurs start their participation in the digital world. The ideal is to have a plan in which the objectives are set with this participation in networks, the content to be published ranging from the textual to the graphic (photos, videos, designs ...), the profile of the target clients and a calendar of publications.

3. Inbound marketing

With Inbound Marketing in the real estate sector, what you are looking for is that those clients profiled to be buyers and clients of your business, find you.

To apply it, you must take into account the level in the sales funnel that each contact occupies, so that you can direct towards them advertising and resources that satisfy their interests and allow you to show yourself as an authority. So when they are ready to buy, they will know that you have what they need.

Some resources used in this strategy are:

E-mail marketing : use of emails to communicate.

SMS marketing : use of text messages to inform, promote and call to action.

Content creation : used to inform about the product and the market in which it is located, through tools such as eBook, Newsletter, webinar and blogs.

inbound marketing


4. Real estate CRM

Managing customer relationships is essential for those who know the industry. This is not new, however, the novelty is that with the help of technology and the digital world today it is easier.

This is thanks to the invention of real estate CRMs , with which the entire process is automated to reduce time and effort for entrepreneurs and real estate agents.

For example, in the real estate Customer relationship management that includes our software, you can automate tasks such as:

Publication of real estate offers on our portal and in dozens of recognized portals in Latin America, Central America and Spain.

Feed your customer databases and host them in an organized way.

Analyze the profile of your clients to know their needs and possibilities.

Cross the real estate of your portfolio with the requirements of each potential client for successful business proposals.

Manage and automate essential activities in the relationship with customers such as meetings, visits, calls and mailings.

5. Alliances and MLS

To be successful in the real estate industry, peer relationships are also important. This depends on increasing the network of contacts and raising the opportunities to carry out transactions that meet the needs of your customers to the limit.

alliances and mls


Allied professionals have ideas of digital real estate marketing strategies

For this, alliances and tools such as the MLS (Multiple Listing Service as indicated by its acronym in Spanish) are a plus, with which collaborative work is achieved that shortens distances and times in commercial real estate management.

For example, with Capital Smart CIty and our real estate software, real estate companies can generate alliances through digital means, so that those who decide to accept you can both make their portfolio of assets visible, as well as know yours.

This makes it easier for you to find what your customers want to buy and to sell what they want to sell, thus fostering a win-win relationship with your partners.

Finally, applying all these strategies can be simpler and more viable if you have solutions and providers that deliver the technology in a more digestible way and support throughout the operational deployment.

With PropertyNews you find a real estate software provider that brings together the design of your website , specialized CRM and automation of activities associated with the best real estate marketing strategies like the ones we explain to you in one solution .


The real estate market evolves at the pace of the fourth industrial revolution that we are going through, therefore, the way of managing marketing and clients must also change to achieve business success.

Doing so effectively depends on applying current real estate marketing strategies, such as the creation of a website, a positive presence in social networks, the application of inbound marketing, the use of real estate CRM and the participation in commercial alliances with partners from the same union.

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