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How to make money on Tiktok

can you make money on tiktok

In today’s society, the social networking is increasingly growing and I am sure that you don’t feel strange when listening TikTok- a music video and social networking platform from China. Since its launch, this app is still receiving a lot of love, especially from the young. This platform contain a lots of interest with the interesting interface so that more and more people want to jump on TikTok early so they can gain as much interest as they can. Therefore, making money on TikTok is hot and easily way to approach and optimize your sales. Here are some feasible methods for you to consult if you plan to profit from TikTok.

1. Build, grow accounts and sell them

girl with tiktok

The first way people think about to make money on TikTok is to build, grow accounts into that one having many followers as possible and then sell them. The more followers an account has, the more valuable it is.

Similar to Instagram, you will choose a niche market and continue to create entertainment content to attract people who will be the ideal customers for your product. Typically, you will reach out to brands in your chosen field and sell your TikTok profile to them to make money.

And once the store has this account in hand, it's actually quite easy for them to sell the product with that TikTok account.

2. Join the Affiliate Marketing of global stores

affiliate marketing with tiktok

With this method, you do not need to own goods and still be able to sell goods online. This is called making money with Affiliate Marketing on TikTok platform. This will be extremely effective if you do it properly.

For example, you are passionate about cosmetics and want to cooperate with natural cosmetic stores. You can produce funny videos or catch trends related to this topic on TikTok. When you have a few thousand or even just a few hundred followers, you can refer them to buy products through the affiliate link that stores provide you. Then, if someone makes a purchase, you will receive a commission from the product you advertise. This is the principle of how to make money on TikTok through Affiliate programs.

In order to join this campaign, you need to find the stores that support Affiliate Marketing form for you to make money on TikTok.

Moreover, you should know some prestigious websites provides many great deals of diverse products and useful information for buyers and sellers as well. For example, if you want to buy some assessories for your cute dog or a dog lovers shirt, you can consult Best 2020 Discount Codes and Deals for Pets to not only buy somes at lower prices than normal but also know some tips to save much money and time because of useful information provided. Besides, you should wait to take a list of something you want to buy and shop once, which helps you receive a huge discount more than you think.

3. Use TikTok Ads Platforms to sell your own products

tiktok's four ad products

A brand that is aimed at young users can use different methods to promote and run ads for your own products on TikTok such as Hashtag Challenge, Influencer, Brand Takeover or In Feed Ads. If you are initerested in TikTok ads, this blog is the best for you to know about the different creative TikTok Ads options and then it’s easier for you to choose the ads option for your own sales.

Remember, to succeed in selling your own products on TikTok, you should know some of the following information about the platform:

  • This is an entertainment platform: you should create videos that are funny, interesting or high trending to capture a large number of views, from which to navigate to sales.
  • Users on Tiktok are very young: you should choose products suitable for this segment, industries such as fashion, accessories, technology, cosmetics are quite suitable for sale on TikTok.
  • Do not be too heavy in advertising: users will leave if you just take care of posting promotional videos. Instead, you should incorporate ads into your entertainment videos to increase user interaction.

4. Collect donations

tiktok gifts

You can go live and collect donations from viewers. This feature of TikTok is immensly fascinating. From what I’ve seen, here’s how it works: When you’re a TikTok user, you can go into your profile and purchase something called coins (a hundred coins might cost you $1.39). When one of your favorite creators is going Live, you can actually send them coins as a way of giving thanks for their effort in creating the content they do.

What do the creators do with this coin? The creator turns the coins into diamonds which can be converted into cash via PayPal. Then TikTokers can get all of this cash from viewers.

5. Manage influencer campaigns

tiktok beauty influencers

This idea does not sound strange. Here, you can be a middleman or broker between an influencer on TikTok and a brand that wants to work with that person. From creating deals, managing both parties and making sure all products are met, you're the coordinator who charges a service fee to manage those campaigns.

You should know about a tool called hypetrail- an influencer discovery and analytics tool used by thousands of brands helping you not only tell you which influencers need monitoring and your management campaigns but also save time with many outstanding features. Hypetrail also offers many discount codes for the customers to save money for their management campaigns.

6. Offer consulting services 

consulting services

Last but not least, once you become a pro on TikTok and you understand how to make a video getting a hundred views. At that time, you can absolutely offer consulting services to help people who want to be famous on TikTok or to be creators.

All of what you need to offer this as a service is having the specialization and the experience. Therefore, when you’re there, people are willing to pay more to have your experience on their account. Then, you can even negotiate a percentage for your services because you are their consultant helping them become famous on TikTok.

I suggest a tool to help you in your consulting service is Hubstaff which saves you time and effort by providing you with features such as online invoicing, automatic payroll based on time tracking, and optimized scheduling. Since it understands one of the biggest challenges that consultants have to deal with is handling a multitude of tasks which require daily attention. Besides, Hubstaff coupon offers the great deals to save a huge of money and time as well. 


Conslusion, TikTok is a funny social network that takes short video content as the center. It is known as one of the social networking platforms with rapid growth so it is the perfect time for you to take advantage of TikTok as a tool to make money in the smartest and fastest way. I strongly believe it will not make you disappointed so try and don’t forget to use many helpful tools I recommend with the discount codes offered to save and earn as much money as possible.

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