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Best Black Friday Deals 2022 You Shouldn't Miss at Any Cost

The biggest sale of the year is almost here. I say “almost” because unlike the old times when Black Friday Deals used to start on the actual Black Friday. This year, everything is starting off quite early. Amazon’s pre-Black Friday deals are already here, plus Target is also running the race to start as soon as possible.

Thus, you expect to see almost all brands starting their Black Friday deals in some form as early as the 1st of November. But the real deal is going to start on the 26th of November. That is why we are here to tell you about the best Black Friday deals in 2022 you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

Where to Get the Best Black Friday Deals 2022? 

Best Black Friday Deals You Shouldn't Miss

The first question is where to get the best Black Friday deals in 2022. Well, start with making a list first, because the answer depends on your list. What are you shopping for? Simple home appliances, phones, or something more sub-niche?

Well, if you are like most people you are going to target things like home appliances, maybe an air fryer, TVs, phones, gaming stations, etc. If your list is like this – then you should make your purchases from Amazon, Target Black Friday, Best Buy, Walmart, etc. These are the biggest retailers out there and we all know what they are good at.

But if you are focusing on something more sub-niche like makeup from a very specific brand, then go to that brand and wait for their Black Friday deals to strike!

When You Should Expect the Best Black Friday Deals 2022?

Well, Black Friday sales this year are going to go a little different from last year – or the year before, because in 2022 they are starting early. It’s not like they didn’t start early last year, but now the early is pushed back even further. Amazon’s pre-Black Friday deals are already here, and Target is going to get their sales up in the mid of October.

That means you will be seeing a lot of flash sales, pre-sales, weekend sales, and deals the entire month of November, especially as actually Black Friday starts to come close.

The best strategy is to start small and then move towards the big things – buy all the small things in these pre-sales before they run out of stock. Then buy your home appliances and mobile phones in the Black Friday real sales, and then what remains should be shopped on Cyber Monday 2022 when deals are going to double-up but on a very limited stock!

What Are the Best Black Friday Deals 2022 You Shouldn’t Miss?

Best Black Friday Deals and Sales

Here is a short list of deals that are expected this Black Friday that you just can not miss!

Apple Products

Amazon and Walmart are going to give epic deals on Apple products because they convert like crazy – so you are expecting to see a good $70-80 discount on Apple Watch 5 and 6, Plus a good 5-8% Off on Apple iPhone 11 and higher, especially the SE of 2020.

Kitchen Appliances

The top-rated things are going to be Air Fryers, coffee grinders, and a Cooking Range of all sorts. These will get up to 20% flat off at all costs. You will see great discounts on other kitchen appliances too.

Amazon Products

Amazon loves to make sales on the products they manufacture themselves, thus you will be seeing a great 50% off on Amazon products this Black Friday. This was ranged from their appliances to their earpieces.

Target Marketplace

You can expect home appliances, fashion accessories, and mobile accessories to go up to a flat 70% off at Target. The deals that you can’t miss are going to be confined to fashion and mobile accessories including Apple Air pods with a straight $50 save.

Kids’ Toys

Kids’ Toys, especially Marvel action figures and generic stuff toys are going to get the highest discount cuts – you can expect to add these to your cart without even feeling anything.

Samsung TVs

You will see great discounts like Apple on different TVs, and LEDs this year from Amazon and Walmart. Unfortunately, there won’t be a very big discount going for gameplay and consoles, but it’s still going to be worth weighing the pros and cons.

Additional Discounts

If you are looking for some additional ways to save some cash, or some things on your list never got a discount this November, then we have a special trick for you. Even if Black Friday deals end, special coupons and discount codes are going to stay live for people keeping a keen eye. For example, you can even save up to 85% off many products by using the right coupons. Visit CouponUpto and enter your favorite brand or shop and get active coupons for free.


Lastly, be creative while shopping and have fun. It’s not a race, and yes you are not always going to get the best Black Friday deals for everything. That’s why having fun is important along the way. The entire month of November is going to be like this, better make sure you have all the right info for this shopping season.

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