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10 Tips to Become Financially Independent for Young Adults

Financial independent is one of the important steps in the journey to build the future, mastering every one's life. However, to be truly independent and turn it into a solid step to help you realize your mission you to have the right and reasonable consumption habits.

We all want to be successful and wealthy in life, but you have never contemplated and eliminated bad habits, especially in daily consumption finance. Sometimes, it's not easy to realize what habits you are yourself. However, you can adjust it to bring about positive effects. If you are a young person who wants to change to become a financially independent person, refer to the following and make sure you do not have any bad habits.

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1. Do not Waste food

You should remember that there are hundreds of millions of people out of society still lacking food and drink every day, especially in poor countries and developing countries. So wasting food is a serious problem. How often do you leave food in the fridge and leave food spoiled? Then all the spoiled food that goes away will make you waste money and be a "crime" for society. You don't think it is worth much, but over the years it will be a huge waste.

Therefore, you should consider not buying and storing too much food in the refrigerator because most likely you will not be able to use them all before the expiry date. If you're too busy and forced to do so, pay attention to identify things that are old and need to be used. Each series of meat, milk or fruit has different safe use dates, you need to know before buying to avoid wasting.

2. Never bargain

In many places, both sellers and buyers can bargain. This will save you some money when shopping. You can bargain when buying everything from an apartment, furniture, clothes to food. If negotiable, you always have a chance to get a discount. Don't miss the chance to save money, just ask if the item has discounts. You may think that the amount of money you bargain for is not worth much, but first, a lot of small things will be a big amount. Moreover, the bargain is for you to buy the fair value of the item and not being sold at a high price by the seller.

3. Don't save money every month

Maybe saving is the word you've heard a thousand times, but doing this is not easy. Surely you have been in the situation 1 week to pay period but the amount of money is not enough for daily meals. You should reconsider your spending habits and savings. At least, you should deduct about 10% of your income each month to save, prevent emergencies, or reinvest in the future.

4. Spend comfortably with your credit card

Many people forget that credit cards are not an income source. If you spend money on credit cards like your property, stop now. Your card may have a high spending limit, but in order not to lose an additional bank interest, you must pay off your debt every month. Credit card spending can be addictive and can be a difficult habit to spend, if spending is too comfortable with a credit card, you will always be in debt.

5. Addicted to shopping and running in fashion

Shopping can help improve your mood but if you become addicted then it is really a bad financial habit. How often do you shop without planning in advance? You realize there are times when you go to a store or supermarket, you buy many unnecessary things. Although they may not be too expensive, if you summarize in a year, you will be surprised by the small amount you have to spend. Sometimes, you shop without calculating and just trying to solve the psychological problem.

You can spend money to buy a nice outfit or watch, fit and shape in many situations, instead of a batch of clothing that can only be worn a few times.

You should be aware of your financial situation and choose to buy clothes that match what you already have. Rearrange household items, you can liquidate unused items. That will make your home tidier and also collect a sum of money.

6. Do not buy for stored goods

Purchasing in bulk will save you more than buying individual items one by one. Many stores, supermarkets, or online stores can offer a big discount when you buy in bulk. Moreover, stocking up on essential household items will prevent you from spending a lot of money on unnecessary things because you already have a long-term supply at home.

Do not hesitate to go to the store or supermarket to buy a bulk of toilet paper, a carton of milk or large shampoo bottles... Especially when they have a fairly long expiry date.

7. Living in a home that is too large for your needs

Housing costs are a large sum of your living expenses. If you are renting a house, this is even more true. A house that is too large for your actual needs with unnecessary expenses will also consume a significant amount. Moreover, not only rent, you also have to pay for utilities and repairs. Therefore, you should consider renting or buying a sufficient home in financial conditions.

8. Do not consult when buying valuable things

Before buying something of great value. Discuss your plans with your family, maybe you will receive valuable advice and avoid buying unnecessary items. Referring to reviews of products on the internet also helps you gain experience when buying cheap and many features.

9. Not interested in financial markets - securities

If at the present time, the financial - stock market is still a confusing concept for you, you should take the time to learn. Every day, there are tens of thousands of billion dong traded on stock markets, currencies, gold and silver. If you want to become financially independent, this knowledge is required.

Let's start with simple concepts to understand fundamentally, so remember that fluctuations in inflation or exchange rates have a direct impact on your pocket. If you are interested and want to grow, invest and make a profit.

10. Forget about preparing and planning vacations

If you do not plan for long holidays, you may end up having to buy air tickets and hotel reservations for many times more expensive than when you book in advance. So, if you are planning a vacation or party, don't forget to plan a plan and find ways to save as much as possible.

With the development of technology like today, you can easily shop without wasting time traveling on the street, no dust, traffic jams. Online shopping is becoming a current trend and will grow in the future. They're selling on an online platform. There is no store rental cost, so you will buy the product at the best price. You just need to type what you need on the internet, read reviews, use coupons and decide to buy it.

There is nothing better than you can buy everything at home at good price. Of course, having coupon codes is great for you when preparing to check your shopping cart, saving your money. Many people spend too much time on the internet searching for coupons, promo codes and deals, is the end of that problem.

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Therefore, make sure you visit if you want more discount on your thrift shopping.

Being financially independent will make your life easier when you don't have to depend on others, the pride of your family and society when you start your own independence. If you already know what to avoid when becoming a financially independent person, change your habits now.

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